2 PhD and Postdoctoral Position in Molecular Medicine at NTNU, Norway

2011 Doctorate and Postdoctoral in the field of Molecular Medicine at NTNU- Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Norway
Study Subject:Molecular Medicine
Employer: NTNU- Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Level:PhD and Postdoctoral
Scholarship Description:Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine aims at carrying out high quality research, supervision and teaching for better health. The activities comprise basic- and clinical research within oncology and mechanisms of cancer development, palliative medicine, haematology, dermatology & venerology, infectious disease, molecular cell biology, physiology, immunology, toxicology, gastroenterology and gastrosurgery, experimental surgery, endocrinology, nephrology, urology and medical ethics.

The projects will be carried out in the DNA repair and genome stability research group. The research group focuses on base excision repair and direct repair of DNA damage and how this is related to cancer development. In recent years strong links between DNA repair and adaptive immunity have been identified. The PhD research project, “Early steps in adaptive immunity”, aims at exploring these interactions in molecular detail, particularly early steps and how dysfunctions in adaptive immunity may result in B-cell oncogenesis. The project will also address molecular regulatory aspects at gene level, including transcription regulation and regulation by microRNA, as well as mechanisms for immune suppression in chemotherapy. The project will involve the use mouse models and cell culture models.

Scholarship Application Deadline:
28th April 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application

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