2013 Netherlands Fellowship Programmes for Developing Countries Students in Netherlands

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Each year Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs funds Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) for the students of developing countries on NFP country list. These are fully funded fellowships which are awarded for the full duration of the course or programme in which the successful applicant has been selected.  The fellowships are offered to pursue master’s and PhD programmes and also short courses at Dutch institutions in Netherlands. To eligible for this opportunity, firstly the applicants must apply for academic admission directly at the Dutch institution and then submit application online through Scholarships Online (SOL) before the fellowship application deadline.

Study Subject(s): The fellowship is available for different courses.
Course Level: The fellowship is available for pursuing master’s, PhD and short courses.
Scholarship Provider: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the budget for development cooperation.
Scholarship can be taken at: Netherlands

A candidate applying for an NFP fellowship must:
-be a professional with at least three years work experience;
-be a national of, and working and living in one of the countries on the NFP country list valid at the time of application. If for whatever reason a candidate stays in another country than his or her home country for more than 90 days before the start of the course and/ or programme, he or she is not considered to be living and working in his or her home country;
-be nominated by his or her employer, who pledges to continue paying the candidate’s salary and guarantees the candidate will be able to return to an equivalent position after the termination of the fellowship period;
-have been unconditionally admitted to a Dutch institution for the course or programme for which the candidate applies for an NFP fellowship. This means that the candidate must have met all the academic and administrative requirements set by the Dutch institution;
-not be employed by:
-a multinational corporation
-a bilateral donor organization;
-a multilateral donor organization;
-a large national and/or large commercial organization;
-an international NGO.
-have a clear-cut, functional relationship with a relevant employing organization and be in a position to introduce the newly acquired skills and knowledge to that employing organization;
-be available full-time to pursue the course or programme without interruption, and be physically and mentally able to participate in the entire programme;
A candidate applying for an NFP-PhD fellowship must:
-not have accepted an NFP-PhD fellowship in the past;
- pursue the PhD study following a ‘sandwich’ or ‘picnic’ model, which means that at least a quarter of the PhD study activities in the context of field research must take place in the candidate’s home country and/or region. A quarter of the PhD study is calculated from the start date of the PhD-study (research) until the end of the NFP-PhD fellowship.
A candidate applying for an NFP-SC fellowship must:
-not have accepted more than one NFP-SC fellowship in the past;
- not have accepted an NFP-SC fellowship in the year prior to the fellowship application.
A candidate applying for an NFP-MA fellowship must: not have accepted an NFP-MA fellowship in the past;
A candidate participating in an NFP-RC fellowship must:
-be an NFP, MENA, NPT or MENA alumni, having completed
-not have accepted more than one NFP-RC fellowship in the past;
-not have accepted an NFP-RC fellowship in the year prior to the fellowship application.

Scholarship Open for Students of Following Countries: The NFP target group consists of professionals who are nationals of and work and live in an NFP country. The chances of obtaining an NFP fellowship increase if you live and work in Sub-Saharan Africa and/or if you are a woman.

Scholarship Description: The Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) promote capacity building within organisations in 62 countries by providing training and education through fellowships for professionals. The NFP is initiated and fully funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the budget for development cooperation. The overall aim of the NFP is to help increase both the number and the competencies of skilled staff at a wide range of governmental and non-governmental organisations. The students have to be nominated by their employer to be eligible for the fellowship. There also has to be a clear need for training within the context of their organisation. After completing the training the student will return to his/her original workplace. This ensures the training is embedded within your organisation. Applicant will improve his/her knowledge and skills, learn about relevant global developments in their field and build an international network. The result is twofold: for applicant’s employing organization, it represents a direct investment in staff development; for student as a professional, the training is a valuable asset in further career.

Duration of award(s):  The fellowship is only intended for the duration of the course or programme for which the fellowship holder has been selected:-Master’s degree programmes: between 12 and 24 months
-Short courses: between two weeks and twelve months
-PhD-studies: PhD studies have a maximum duration of four years.

What does it cover? An NFP fellowship is intended to supplement the salary that you should continue to receive during the study period. The allowance is a contribution towards your costs of living, the costs of tuition fees, visas, travel, insurance and thesis research, as specified in the NFP Rules and Regulations for fellowship holders.

Selection Criteria: The fellowships are awarded in a very competitive selection to highly motivated professionals with at least three years’ work experience who are in a position to introduce the newly-acquired skills and knowledge into their employing organisation.

How to Apply: The application must be submitted online through Scholarships Online (SOL) before the fellowship application deadline.

Scholarship Application Deadline: Applications will be closed on 5th February 2013.

Eligible master’s, PhD and short courses

Further Scholarship Information and Application

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