2013 Postdoctoral Position in Theoretical Computer Science at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden

KTH School of computer science and communication (CSC) announces a postdoctoral position in theoretical computer science with a focus on proof complexity and connections to SAT solving in Sweden 2013

 Study Subject(s):Study subject is theoretical computer science.
Course Level:This scholarship is available for pursuing Postdoctoral degree.
Scholarship Provider:KTH School of Computer Science and Communication
Scholarship can be taken at:Sweden

Eligibility:-Applicants should have or be about to receive a PhD degree in a subject relevant for the research area, such as Computer Science or Mathematics (preferably focused on proof complexity or neighbouring areas), and should have a passionate interest in research.
-The successful candidate is expected to have a solid background in Theoretical Computer Science (computational complexity) and Mathematics (in areas such as combinatorics, algebra and/or geometry). Exceptional candidates are always of interest regardless of formal prerequisites. Problem solving skills and creativity are a must.
-The working language of the TCS group is English, and knowledge of English is also fully sufficient to navigate life in Sweden in general.

Scholarship Open for Students of Following Countries:Sweden students can apply for this postdoctoral position.

Scholarship Description:We are seeking a postdoctoral researcher in Theoretical Computer Science within the framework of the research project “Understanding the Hardness of Theorem Proving.” This is a project in proof complexity with connections to SAT solving.Proof complexity studies formal systems for reasoning about logic formulas. This field has deep connections to fundamental questions in computational complexity, but another important motivation is the connection to SAT solving. All SAT solvers use some kind of method or system in which proofs are searched for, and proof complexity analyses the potential and limitations of such proof systems (and thereby of the algorithms using them).This project aims to advance the frontiers of proof complexity, and to leverage this research to shed light on questions related to SAT solving. We are particularly interested in exploring the possibility of basing SAT solvers on stronger proof systems than are currently being used. In order to do so, however, a crucial step is to obtain a better understanding of the corresponding proof systems, and in this context there are a number of well-known and relatively longstanding open questions in proof complexity that we want to study and try to solve.

Number of awards offered:One award is offered.

Duration of award:One year temporary position with a possible one-year extension.

How to Apply:The mode of applying is electronically.

Scholarship Application Deadline:Do submit your applications till January 14, 2013.

Further Scholarship Information and Application

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