A.W. Mellon Postdoctoral Program in the Humanities 2011-2013, USA

A.W. Mellon Postdoctoral Program in the Humanities at Center for Humanities

Study Subject: Life

Employer: Center for the Humanities

Level: Postdoctoral

Scholarship Description: Applications are invited from scholars whose research reflects upon ancient to contemporary conceptions of life, including projects on vitality and vitalist philosophy; the meaning of life; the theory of biopolitics; life as the matter of art (Bioarts); theories of survival; the ends of life; biocultures; the relations between human, animal, and machinic life; the value of life, from the perspective of religion, politics, history, ethics, medicine, or law; organic and nonorganic life forms; virtual life, including work on digitality and new media; Lebensphilosophie and its legacies; the earth as living form; concepts of life and the posthuman; lived experience as a contested term; consciousness, spirit, and spirituality; normative and non-normative understandings of bodily life; or vulnerability. We especially welcome work at the intersection of the humanities and life sciences; work that theorizes or historicizes the concept of life; work that involves cross-cultural and comparative perspectives; and work that challenges disciplinary or methodological boundaries. Applicants, who may come from any discipline in the humanities or humanistic social sciences, should explain how their work relates to this theme.

Scholarship Application Deadline: November 15, 2010

Further Scholarship Information and Application

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