Making Your Career Through Political Science Degree

What Exactly Is Political Science?

It is a social science, which studies the state, nation, policies, government and politics. It is an analysis of the political system, political culture and political behaviour. A degree in political science comprises of various studies and analysis of how citizens effect the country, how governments are formed, of the constitutions of various countries, the effectiveness and responsibilities of the government and most importantly the well-being and welfare of the people.

The word “science” gives a scientific approach to this social subject which makes it all the more interesting. Thinkers and philosophers all over the world have come up with varied definitions of political science and they also point out the significance of this subject. This course is included in humanities or liberal arts and involves a study of both ancient as well as contemporary politics.

How Can A Student Benefit By Selecting Political Science For A Degree Course?

A bachelor or masters degree, in political science can lead to some very interesting career prospects. One can find jobs, in the federal, governmental, law, journalism, pre-collegiate education, non-governmental sectors. The job are exciting as well as fulfilling because it helps one touch many lives in a positive way. Some courses offered by colleges and universities all over the globe are:

-Bachelor of Arts or B.A In Political Science: this course involves studies, like international relations, national and international law, political theories, political policies, the importance of political institutions, public policies, etc.

-Master of Arts or M.A In Political Science: this degree involves much more advanced studies of politics, and its components.Understanding and analysis of the various political theories, an insight to citizenship and government policies. This program is mostly chosen by those who wish to obtain a PhD degree in the same subject.

-Masters In Political Science And Constitutional Law Studies:  a complete study of this course would enhance the students reasoning powers in the long run, and therefore help them in being analytical thinkers. The course would help them realize the technical laws, policies and legal practices. Besides that, the students would easily understand law as a social phenomenon, and its application. This degree is especially for those students who wish to go to law school and are attracted to law related careers.

-M.A In Political Science, Legislative Studies: this course is mainly aimed at those, who wish to make a career in the legislative office, or those who want to have an active political career. This career is mostly selected by students belonging to political families, and wanting to take the baton ahead. This course improves communication skills and project managing skills which are necessary for having a political career ahead.

-Phd In Political Science: this program enables research skills, therefore making the students well equipped in a specialised study in political science. Those with a PhD degree in political science are more likely to have better career options ahead of them.

Some Career Prospects For Students With Political Science Degree

-Government and advocacy jobs: a number jobs related to the government require a degree in political science, beside that, many legal firms hire those with a degree in political science. Many government posts require a proper understanding of politics in an elaborate sense and therefore, hire professionals with an advanced degree in the subject.

-Journalism occupations: reporting political changes in the domestic and national policies is a requirement in all newspapers and news channels. They prefer hiring those with an understanding of politics in the broader sense, for better news reporting and analysis of political developments of different countries.

-Teaching jobs: there is never a dearth of jobs in the educational sectors. Teachers and lecturers are always in demand and those with a degree in political science must land up with a high paid educational job.

Some Educational Institutions Offering Degrees In Political Science

Stanford University, California: This university offers political science as a major and degree subject. It is one of the most renowned universities globally and a degree from here would open the doors of many opportunities in future. Currently, the university ranks 3rs worldwide by Times Higher Education. The university offers both UG and graduate programs.

Scholarship: It offers limited financial aid for international students, but to obtain the same student either needs a Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. The information for the same can be received on its official website.

Harvard University: This university is one of the best universities for political science and ranks 1st under Times Higher Education. It offers a wide range of courses in political science. Graduates from Harvard are given first preference all across the globe, for the prime fact, that this is one of the best universities in the world and only the best can make it to Harvard.

Scholarship: Harvard University offers different types of aids under Scholarships & Grants, Outside Awards and Loans. The committee will review the financial condition and accordingly provide the same.

Princeton University: This university in Princeton provides with the students ample opportunities to excel in the field of political science. The university ranks 6th under Times Higher Education.  University offers both UG and Graduate courses that covers American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations and Political Theory. In addition to this, university conducts organized research programs. Moreover, students planning to study this subject, definitely try to get admission in this world renowned and much coveted university.

Yale University: The university stands in 11th position under Times Higher Education. Students aiming towards a PhD in political science can opt for this university as course includes various seminars and meets helping the students more about the subject at as a global phenomenon. University offers both graduate and UG programs. Moreover, students will also undergo training in five substantive subfields: American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Economy, and Political Theory.

Scholarship: Similar to other institutes, Yale University also offers limited financial aid for international students. Applicant need to display required financial need according to which aid will be offered.


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