Textile Designing: Better Choice to Weave Your Career

Textile designing is the technical process of creating art pieces by weaving, knitting, printing etc. In textile designing different fibres are used to make different masterpieces of clothing, interior, and other textile products. It consists of surface and structural design of a textile.

The textile industry is one of the promising industries as textile materials have been used for ages. Many textile products are the part of the basic human necessities. To meet the need of the textile products there is always the need of textile designers for designing fabrics and clothing. Textile designers are responsible for handling fabrics and different methods of textile designing, like embroidery designs, print, weave & texture and retailing & wholesaling of products. Textile designing is a very technical subject and it uses a combination of methods. For designing textile products, its designers must have the sound technical knowledge of yarn making, weaving, knitting, dyeing, finishing processes etc.

With the vast demand of textile products there are ample of career opportunities in this field. Textile designers can go for jobs in garment manufacturing companies, fashion designing agencies, textile manufacturing industries and in the retail world. As a textile designer one can earn glamour, money, popularity and can also work with fashion designers and interior decorators. The government is also promoting textile industry and sponsor private silk, handloom, khadi, jute and craft development organizations. After gaining sufficient experience in their field designers can establish their own workshop and produce textile designs for sale through galleries or exhibitions. Textile designers can also work as freelancers and make designs for different organizations.

There are a number of courses in textile design at degree, diploma and certificate levels in art and design, architecture or related disciplines. Just after the standard 10 a student can opt for 3-years professional diploma course in dress designing and garment manufacturing. After 10+2 any student having an interest in textile designing can opt for the bachelor’s degree and diploma courses. For a successful career in textile designing minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree in this field. One can also go for the postgraduate level for the higher studies in textile designing.

There are many international and national colleges and universities which offer courses in textile designing. Some of them are listed below:
-North Carolina State University in USA is a research university, commonly known as N.C. It offers Master’s degree in Textiles Design.
-RMIT University in Australia offers Bachelor of Art in Textile Design. In this course students will learn about designing and creativity.
-The Bolton University in United Kingdom offers the Full Time and Part Time Msc Degree in Textile Engineering. Their Msc Degree name is International Textile Business & Innovation. It also offers the part-time FdSc (Foundation Degree) in Fashion & Textiles.
-National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in India offers B.Des. in Textile Design, B.Des. in Knitwear Design.
-Australian Institute of Creative Design is offering short courses in Textile designing.
-The University of Manchester in UK is known for its Textile Engineering Courses and Degrees. It provides several Textile Diplomas, Honours and M.Sc Degree.

There is an idea of figures that will be offered to textile designers, actual rates of pay may vary, depending on the employer and countries. A fresher in this field may earn between £13,000 and £20,000 per year. Experienced or junior designers may earn between £20,000 and £28,000. Freelance designers are usually paid on the commission basis.

There are many famous personalities of textile designing world who have earned name and fame by their artistic qualities and hard work. Some of them are listed below:
-The Lotta Jansdotter from US is a textile designer. She is running a studio and storefront which was opened in 2002 at Nob Hill San Francisco. She designs home and fashion accessories that inspire and reflect a simple, elegant lifestyle.
-Tracy Evans from UK designs traditional hand weaving designs and hand crafts for fashion and interior designers.
-Craig Fellows from UK is an award-winning and successful textile designer and combines his fine art talents with his love of fashion prints and textiles. Craig has also received several industry awards, such as Scotland’s Trade Fair – Best Product Award 2012
-Erin Flett from United States design funky bold and graphic surface designs, that are hand screened on vintage reproduction bark cloth.
-Jennifer Bates from UK is a specialised textile print designer with strong CAD skills. Her work has been showcased by trend forecasting company Scarlet Opus as a ‘Rising Star’.
-Olia Saunders from Russia is a photographer and a textile designer. She offers original, bold and refreshing surface textile designs for licensing and sale. She is an exhibited member of the esteemed Creative Artists Union of St. Petersburg, Russia, which is part of the International Federation of Artists (IFA) UNESCO.
-Nacho Filella from Spain and her studio is in Miami, US. He creates graphics and patterns for a wide range of products in the fields of fashion, interiors and paper products.
-Michelle Kistima from Australia is a textile designer working as a freelancer in the fashion and interior furnishing industries. She also runs her own clothing label, respect clothing projects producing small and limited edition runs of handmade & hand printed tees.

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