Career in Interior Designing

Due to rapid urbanization, living and commercial spaces are decreasing rapidly. It is the need of the hour to develop spaces that are able to not just cater to the needs of its occupants but also provide space solutions. Optimization of the available space is the key and this can be achieved only by professionals. An interior designer is a professional who is able to provide practical but beautiful living and working solutions. There is an increasing demand for professional interior designers, as every house and office needs to be designed according to the needs of the occupants. Today, well designed commercial or residential spaces are highly-in demand and thus there is an increasing need for a well-experienced interior designer.

Educational Requirements

In order to become a good interior designer it is important that students complete their formal education in this field. Students can choose to pursue a degree, diploma or a certificate course which range from 2 to 4 years of education. Upon finishing the course, students usually do an apprenticeship in an architectural firm under an experienced interior designer.

Career Prospects

Due to the increase in construction, and the need for well designed spaces, there is a high demand for qualified interior designers. Being professionals their field, they are able to give sound advice to clients regarding the use of right materials, designs, colors and furniture. Only when there is a proper flow of ideas does the space look proper and well maintained.

Satisfaction of the client is very important in this field and thus students must possess great communication skills as well as managerial skills in order to be able to carry out important functions properly. There are many workers working under the interior designer, and therefore good managerial skills become important, in order to ensure that the work is executed properly.

There are various career options available for interior designer professionals. Being a diverse field, some of the possible careers that and interior designer can pursue include;

Residential Projects

Designing and building homes and any kind of residential space. This is certainly a lucrative field as there is a property boom across the globe and thus there are many jobs available in this sector.

Commercial Projects

Designing and building of commercial spaces such as offices, shops, factories, warehouses and industrial spaces. This involves designing for functionality and creating space for office purposes.

Exhibition Stands

Designing and building exhibition stands in galleries, museums, conferences and at exhibitions. These stands maybe temporary or permanent, depending on the requirement.

Window Displays

Huge showrooms concentrate heavily on proper display of their products in the window, thus there are specialized designers who solely concentrate on the product displays.

Set Designing

This field involves designing of stages and sets for events, programs or stage shows. This is very demanding and creative job and one needs to make use of elaborate designing concepts for the same.

Interior designers can either choose to associate themselves with established architectural firms or work independently. Finding job in this sector is not difficult as there is a high demand for professionals. It is advisable to first work under an established interior designer before opting to go solo as a job will help you to learn the nuances of the job.

Best Institutes for Interior Designing

Open Colleges Australia

Open Colleges Australia (Open Colleges) is an online vocational education organization based in Australia. Interior Designers enjoy a career that allows them to create beautiful and stylish spaces. As an Interior Designer, you’ll be able to work as a design consultant, interior decorator, design project manager and many other similar jobs.

Florence Design Academy, Italy

The institute offers 1, 2 and 3 year courses for students. The courses are not just taught by industry experts but also make use of the latest technology in order to ensure that the students are at par with the latest advancements in the field of interior designing.

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Considered as a premium institute for providing interior designing course, University of California is highly sought after architecture and interior designing students. UCLA offers both certificate as well as a master’s course in this field.

Harrington College of Design, Chicago

This American college offers a Bachelor’s as well as a Master’s in interior designing. The programs have been carefully planned to include all the necessary aspects of designing and ensure that there is collaboration with some of the best interior designing firms so that students are able to gain hands-on knowledge. It is a highly reputable institute and students passing out from here are able to secure jobs easily.

Vancouver College of Art and Design

The interior designing program at VCAD has been designed to help students develop their creative skills which are beneficial for their interior designing career. The program introduces students to concepts such as space planning, color theory, rendering, design principles etc. The program is 72 weeks long.

Whitehouse Institute of Design, Sydney

This institute is highly sought after by international students as it provides a global perspective and helps students to be prepared for interior designing jobs across the globe.  Architectural drafting, color rendering and concept based designing are some of the highlights of this program.

By choosing to study in one of the above institutes will help students to gain good knowledge about the field and also help them to acquire jobs in the world markets.

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