Careers in Medical Field

A career in medical field could be a highly rewarding one. With the boundaries of the field of medicine expanding almost incessantly one could actually find a lucrative job opportunity which could be elaborated into a career, a soul satisfying career at that.

The medical field is a potentially vast one encapsulating various other demandingly compelling domains. When you are talking about a career in medical field, you are actually using an ‘all encompassing term’ which means indirectly you are talking about a career in allied health, alternative medicine, genetic counseling, chiropractic, optometry, human medicine, mental health, nutrition and dietetics, dentistry, gerontology, recreation and veterinary medicine, pharmacy, occupational therapy and many many more. If we go on like this the list is never ending. So you can now think how successful and full the domain is.

How to go for a career in Medical Field:

If you are aspiring to be a Medical Doctor then your sojourn precisely commences at your 10+2 juncture. Many national and international medical institutes conduct an entrance examination to shortlist eligible candidates for medical courses. These courses could be B.Pharm, Homoeopathic studies, Ayurveda, Unani, Veterinary, Dentistry, MBBS and many more. The only eligibility condition besides a meritorious performance in the entrance examination is that the aspirant should be having some kind of insight into life sciences by means of an Intermediate/+2 certificate. For pharmacy however students from Math and Statistics background are also considered alongside their performance in the entrance examination.

For all the paramedical courses at a higher level like that of a technologist – say a radiation technologist or a surgical technologist, one needs to have pursued a laudable education program in the discipline along with considerable period of internship. These kinds of degree diploma or post-graduate courses could be actually pursued in any reputed medical institution/college or university. The program fee varies considerably considering the sophistication levels of both the equipment and procedures. Some of these paramedical courses could be accomplished in say 6 months to one year (lab technician, X-Ray technician, record maintenance and so on). Some of them are pure graduate courses running for almost three to four years and then subjecting the incumbent to a rigorous practice by means of internship or practical exposure under guidance of an expert for almost a year’s time.

The management and counseling programs are however merged into the field of medicine from various other domains. For example a clinical psychologist is the one who pursued his/her graduate education in Clinical Psychology. Similarly a genetic counselor needs to graduate in the domain of genetics. These kinds of counselors may actually get to teach a credit or two in the medical colleges. This way there is no role restriction and the effect could be felt almost in any other related domain.

For management related courses one needs to pursue Hospital management or public health education courses and other allied courses in numerous Business and Management institutes. These institutes however stay affiliated to Medical Bodies in order to give away worthy projects to their students. In simpler words a graduate education in the field of management or education pertaining to medical field is almost indispensable.

Nursing is also a very lucrative career domain in the medical field. There are actually graduate, undergraduate, certificate and diploma programs for all the levels of nurses. However to work in the US a nurse should be having a Certified Nursing Assistant credential besides a good score in IELTS. There are programs for nurses to render them registered and these run typically for periods of 2-4 years. A 4 year trained nurse passing the NCLEX-RN exam typically is paid more over others with inadequate qualification.

Other job skills:

Education is not the only area of specialization. The aspirants of career in Medical Field should be very good at:

  1. Communication skills
  2. Interpersonal skills
  3. Negotiation skills

Besides this they should have empathy, emotional quotient, patience on a very high side. They should be also very flexible and must have a calm disposition. They must be willing to stretch their work hours beyond the stipulated 40-48 hours a week stereotype.

Career Scope:

Your passion for medical field will take you places. There is almost continual promotion in the field. You could actually zero in on right away on a domain that attracted your attention and start researching on it/working for it. The need for medical professionals is increasing at an astronomical pace and this is in harmony with increase in diseases and lifestyle disorders. Professionals from this field gearing up for the common good of the mankind needs to be seen positively and so encouragement should be offered in order to see more numbers happening in the medical field.

Payment Particulars:

Freshers might take home a decent pay package of around 25K to 40K USD, but the sky is the limit for specialists and people who are dexterous and adept in their domain. For example a field service representative with a minimum 2-3 years experience would earn around 35K to 75K USD. A medical secretary would take home somewhere around 25K to 45K USD per annum. A medical assistant could get around $35K per annum. They could be also be paid on an hourly basis, say some 15$ per hour. Health information managers/administrators could get around 66K USD per annum. Medical scientists get around 75K USD per annum. Specialist doctors get around 315K USD per annum. You can now see the expansive nature of any specialization in the field.

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Wishing you success!!

Ayesha Afsar


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