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New scholarships for college students pop up all the time. Applicants should be vigilant about looking for them. Scholarships play a vital role in helping students lessen their financial burden while pursuing their course. Present blog section will keep you aware of recent scholarship information and details about various available grants.

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Apply for Free Online Courses for 2017

Free Online Course on Healthcare in India: Strategic Perspectives The Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore and edx Application Deadline Starts on August 9, 2016 Apply Now Tags: 2016, August Courses, Business, edX, health, International, Management, online course University of Adelaide Free Online Course on Entrepreneurial Opportunities Provided by University […]

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Top 10 Scholarship Tips

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  • Blog

Ever wonder what the folks who award the scholarships want to see? Here are the top tips for winning a scholarship. Tip 1: Give concrete examples. If your answer to an essay question is abstract, support it with a concrete […]

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UK Government’s Global Scholarship Programme

  • UK Government
  • Postgraduate Course

Fully Funded Chevening Scholarships For One Year Masters In Any Subject Application Deadline For 2016/2017 is November 3, 2015 Chevening Scholarships are offered under the prominent scholarship scheme which was commenced in 1984 as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Awards Scheme (FCOAS). This scholarship programme […]

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160 Study Abroad Scholarships Announced By IIE

World’s leading institute for international people exchange and ideas, Institute of International Education(IIE) has recently announced new generation study abroad scholarships to double the number of US students studying abroad by 2019. IIE’s $400K scholarship fund will really help the […]

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BMO Scholarship Program

BMO scholarship will recognize and assist students in realizing their educational ambitions. The scholarships are available to high school, university and college students in every field of study across Canada. BMO Capital Markets is the investment banking subsidiary of Canadian […]

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Academic Scholarships For Senior Citizens

For most of the seniors, automatic nirvana of their retirement is like illusory. The anticipated delights or a short time passes, like playing with grandchildren, travelling or going to bed late, often proved not suffice for seniors. The retirees who […]

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4 Year Scholarships

Full-tuition undergraduate scholarships or four year scholarships are the boon to the students or one-off prizes that will cover the greater part of college costs over the course of four years. These 4 Year Scholarships can cover anything from just tuition to all […]

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Scholarships For Adult Students

Adults after certain age make a decision to back to college. However, it is quite difficult for them to get funding after their return. For adults, attending college can be financially difficult and looking for funding can be equally difficult. […]

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Scholarships To Pay Off Student Loans

Are there scholarships to pay off student loans? The increasing costs of education have caused many top students start looking for loans to help them get into good colleges and universities for further education. If an applicant is not getting […]

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Scholarships For Psychology Major

Psychology major has been an important subject since decades. Students learning this subject are given the brief experience of psychological aspect of human behaviour and study accordingly. Moreover, a degree in this subject helps the individual to choose career in psychiatrist, […]

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Rhodes Scholarships Now Open To China

Established in the year 1903 in the will of Cecil Rhodes, Rhodes Scholarships is now looking forward to expand its horizon to more developing countries and will soon include the names of scholars from China as well, the administrative trust confirmed […]

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Pennsylvania Scholarships 2015

Scholarships In PA : In State Grants For Students of Pennsylvania Resident students of Pennsylvania can access diverse financial aid programs intended to facilitate PA students in achieving their higher educational goals. With the help of scholarships in PA students can […]

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Asian American Scholarships 2015

Specific Asian American Scholarships Now Available To Study At Top Universities Asian Americans are one of the fastest growing minority communities in the United States. At present, the Asian American race in the US is around 5% of the entire […]

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Academic Scholarships For JMU, 2016-2017

  • James Madison University
  • Various

The prestigious James Madison University in Virginia, United States, was founded in the year 1908. Since then, the university has been the alma mater for thousands of students, many of which have gone on to achieve tremendous success in their […]

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Golf Scholarships

Scholarships are offered with incomparable performance in two prime areas: Academics and sports.  Sports students consider academic funding very helpful which is very earned playing sports. Diverse scholarships are available for the students playing specific games to aid their higher […]

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Height Scholarships : Grants For Tall & Short Students

Scholarships are offered for students having earned outstanding achievements and for belonging to ethnic background. This funding comes from different sources including government, companies and other interested groups. The main aim of offering this scholarship is to invest in further […]

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