History Courses

Free Online Course on Global History of Architecture

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is offering free online course on Global History of Architecture. This course in architectural history is not intended as a linear narrative, but rather aims to provide a more global view, by focusing on different architectural […]

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Free Online Course on Ancient Egyptian Civilization, 2016

  • Bibliotheca Alexandrina
  • Online Courses

Bibliotheca Alexandrina is currently offering online course on Ancient Egyptian Civilization. This course is intended for spark learners’ interest in the study of ancient Egypt. Over five weeks, the course will explore about the history, women and architecture of ancient Egypt. The course […]

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Harvard University Online Course to Learn About Islam

  • Harvard University
  • Online Course

This summer Harvard University is offering an open online course, ‘Islam Through Its Scriptures’. This 4-week course helps in improving understanding of Islam and its most important holy text, the Quran. In this free online course applicants will learn about the Quran, the central sacred text of Islam, […]

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Arizona State University Online Course on Human Origins

  • Arizona State University
  • Online Course

Arizona State University has developed a new model for the American Research University, creating an institution that is committed to excellence, access and impact. This course is aimed to guide you through an exploration of the scientific evidence for the […]

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University of Leeds & BBC Online Course On World War 1

  • University of Leeds & BBC
  • Online Course

Present course, ‘World War 1: Changing Faces of Heroism’ is offered by University of Leeds and from FutureLearn platform. This 3-week course is designed for applicants at school or college, working or retired having interest in the World War 1 and how it […]

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