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Study abroad scholarships and financial aid for international students

Free Online Course on How to Apply to College

  • University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is offering free online course on ‘How to Apply to College’. This course is for anyone interested in learning how to navigate the college admission process. The course aims to close the information gap for students […]

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Study Abroad In Taiwan

Come explore the Eastern Asia’s best-kept clandestine by studying in Taiwan, the most alluring island located off the east coast of China. Also known as Beautiful Island or Ilha Formosa, Taiwan actually provides the international students with the opportunity to […]

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Preparing For The Visa Interview?

The season of student visas is soon approaching and students are likely to get stressed during their visa interviews. Some applicants even get panic about getting their student visa. However, the area of concern is the availability of interview schedules […]

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Study At Penn State University

The Pennsylvania State University was established in 1855 and currently has 24 campuses across the state of Pennsylvania. The University has approx 17,000 faculty members, around 100,000 students, a hospital that serves as a learning ground and also caters to […]

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MBA In Dubai

Pursuing MBA In Dubai

MBA programs offered in Dubai are designed in such a way to promote an interdisciplinary approach and develop your skills, knowledge, competencies, managerial skills and decision making abilities needed to survive in a highly competent business environment. Moreover for pursuing MBA […]

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University of Washington MBA

If you are seeking an education plan that shall take up to one level higher in terms of thinking and content, the Washington University MBA is no doubt going to prove one of the best choices. This powerful program also known […]

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Study At Daniels University of Denver

The Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver is one of the best B schools and offers a plethora of departments and concentrations. Candidates are free to pursue the stream of study that they feel comfortable with. Educational […]

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Egyptian Universities

Study in Egypt

Egypt is known all over the world for its reputed universities that are affordable and provide a wonderful chance to submerge with the culture of this place. The best place in Egypt for students to pursue their education is Cairo […]

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MBA Japan

MBA In Japan

A person who intends to go for higher education in Japan can chose among the various institutions of higher education which can be broadly classified as – –Specialized schools whichprovide rigorous training and awards degree after two years of the […]

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Travel Grants for International Students

Travel Grants for International Students

Year by year, there has been a huge rise in students venturing to overseas universities for higher studies. Students taking up research programs in international universities look for grants from institutes, associations and also from government that will look out […]

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