Coursera’s Online Course on Engineering Systems in Motion

Coursera helps people to upgrade their lives and the lives of their families with education. It opens the doors for the students worldwide to study a variety of online courses without any difficulty. Once again, Coursera in association with Georgia Institute of technology has come up with a new online course “Engineering Systems in Motion: Dynamics of Particles and Bodies in 2D Motion” for the international students.

This is an introductory course to the study of motion bodies as applied to engineering systems and structures. Here, students will get an opportunity to gain knowledge of dynamics of particle motion and bodies in rigid planar (2D) motion. This course comprises of both the kinematics and kinetics of motion. Kinematics is the term which deals with the aspects like geometry of motion explaining its position, velocity and acceleration. On the other hand, kinetics is the study of acting forces on these bodies and how it affects their motion.

Duration of Course

The session will start from March 10, 2014 for the duration of 7 weeks. The course will demand 5-7 hours/week for study. The course will be taught in English followed by English subtitles.

Course Format

There are 47 modules of approximately 10 minutes each in this course. There will also be a graded quiz each week.


To study this course, applicants will need to gain mastered basic engineering mechanics concepts.

Course Syllabus

Week 1 – Modules 1- 8:
Course Introduction
Particle Kinematics
Particle Kinetics – Newton’s Laws and Euler’s Laws
Motion of Particles and Mass Centers of Bodies

Week 2 – Modules 9-13:
Work-Energy Principle for Particles/Systems of Particles
Impulse and Momentum; Impact
Conservation of Momentum
Euler’s 2nd Law – Moment of Momentum

Week 3: Modules 14-19
Planar (2D) Rigid Body Kinematics

  • Relative Velocity Equation
  • Rotation about a Fixed Axis
  • Instantaneous Center of Zero Velocity
  • Relative Acceleration Equation

Week 4: Modules 20-27
Planar (2D) Rigid Body Kinematics (continued)

  • Rolling Wheels
  • Velocities with two different reference frames
  • Accelerations with two different reference frames

Week 5: Modules 28-33
Planar (2D) Rigid Body Kinetics

  • Translation
  • Moment of Momentum – Angular Momentum
  • Equations of Motion

Week 6: Modules 34-42
Planar (2D) Rigid Body Kinetics (continued)

  • Work-Energy Method

Week 7: Modules 43-47
Planar (2D) Rigid Body Kinetics (continued)

  • Impulse-Momentum Method
  • Conservation of Momentum

Course Conclusion

About the Instructor
Dr. Wayne Whiteman, PE

He is a senior academic professional in the Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering and director of the office of student services. He is also the professor of engineering mechanics, dynamics and vibration and engineering design. Moreover, he has served for 24 years in the US army. He also carries out the Woodruff School Teaching Fellows Program, which provides workshops for faculty colleagues to develop teaching skills and enhance learning environments. To apply for the course, kindly follow the Coursera’s website.

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