Koffadg Launches New Fashion Online Courses

Good news for fashion enthusiasts! The KoffaDG has come up with a new online fashion business course. These courses would help people who wish to start their own clothing line or fashion boutique.

These new courses will come handy for the students who are eager to know the know-hows of starting their own clothing business. Students will have the opportunity to learn different fashion goals as per the standards of the fashion industry. The courses shall also include narratives of success and failure of business owners in the domain fashion.

The online courses include how to start a clothing line and how to open a clothing store or boutique. Students will be exposed to the nitty-gritty of business procedures.

They will learn to present their ideas and sell the product to the target customer. And, the courses shall also include modules where a student can learn about establishing and operationalizing his or her business in the fashion industry.

online fashion

Usually after registration, a student shall have access to online classes for 35 days. The course fee is $60 for each course.

Designed and developed by the fashion professor Koffa-JuahToequeSlyusar, these online courses are just like any other online courses. It includes video classes and full assessment of the assignments and team work.

The curriculum is up-to-date and is in line with the current teaching practices and syllabus in major fashion schools. Though there are studio classes that are being taught by the KoffaDG group, but the online courses provide affordability and convenience for the student to be anywhere and fulfil his or her dream.

Apart from these online courses, there are four-week fashion-studio courses which include sewing techniques, fashion knockoff (tops, bottoms, dresses). It also provides three hours basic sewing classes.

Interested candidates can click here to register for online courses.


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