Jewelry Design Scholarships 2012 – Career in Gemology and Jewelry Manufacturing

Today every field has its own growth prospects. In the same streams Gemology and Jewelry manufacturing has its own exclusive growth prospects. Professionals in this field are known to see that no one else can see and creating the difference between wondering and knowing in the world of gems and jewelry. Thus one enjoys a lot of exclusivity and creativity to work with.

Gemological Institute of America is one of the most renowned institutes in this field. Since years it been working with the approach of perfect 4’Cs ie  Clarity, Cut, Color and Carat weight and thereby ensuring the quality diamonds, colored stone and pearls.

To further promote careers in this field, Gemological Institute of America is also providing GIA Scholarships on annual basis to US and International students aspiring to have fabulous career with gems and jewelry. Some of the Gemology programs of GIA are Graduate Gemologist, Graduate Diamonds, Graduate Colored stones, Accredited Jewelry Professionals and Graduate pearls. Other Jewelry Arts programs include Applied Jewelry Arts, Graduate Jeweler, Jewelry Design, Comprehensive CAD/ CAM etc.

These scholarships are provided towards programs, courses and lab classes. GIA also provide scholarships for distant learning as well as on campus studies. These scholarships includes:- Fruchtman Marketing Scholarship, George W. Juno Memorial Scholarship, GIA Scholarship – San Diego County Resident, GIA Scholarship – On Campus, GIA Scholarship – Distance Education eLearning, GIA Scholarship – Lab Classes, Irving Getz Scholarship for Gemology courses etc. The scholarship amount for these scholarships ranges from 1000$ to 2000$.

Apart from these R. Harder Gallery Scholarships include both on campus and distant learning scholarships for Graduate Gemologist Program and awards upto 5000 $. Further, Richard T. Liddicoat Scholarship also includes Graduate Gemology for on campus and distant learning and awards unto 19000$. Rio Grande Scholarship includes Graduate Jeweller on campus program and awards upto 17,000 $. These above scholarships are basically targeted to US residents.

 Apart from these scholarships, GIA also provide International scholarships which include GIA Scholarship for International Distance Education eLearning Courses and other GIA scholarships for On Campus courses for students from Hong Kong, India, London, Middle East, Taiwan, Thailand. These scholarships are available to non-US citizens and the scholarship amount varies accordingly.

There are two application periods in order to apply for the scholarships for Gemology and Jewelry Manufacturing ie from March 1 through April 30 and June 15 through October 30.

Further apart from scholarships, Students grants and loans are also available to US citizen or permanent residents who are enrolled to GIA on campus programs.

So, GIA scholarships provide excellent opportunities to brighten your career with Gems, Jewelry and pearls and merge your creativity and arts to your career to reach new heights.

GIA Scholarships 2012– Career in Gemology and Jewelry Manufacturing

Vidhi Johri

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