Jobs For Fresher In Electronic And Communication Engineering

Electronics and communication engineering is a specialized branch of engineering which deals with electronic devices and systems which are developed for the purpose of accepting processing ,storing ,displaying, analysing, protecting, depositing and transferring the information.

Importance Of The Course

In addition to the technical skills person also learns certain other important skills which include ability to present a complex scenario in relatively simpler way and ability to work in independent way or with a team on a complex topic. It is one of hottest branch of engineering from which students are picked by either government or private organizations.

Why A Person Should Opt For This Course?

Person getting the degree of electronic and communication engineering are usually placed in electronic and telecommunication sectors. Other fields which offer job opportunities for the students are Electronics, Aviation and avionics, Manufacturing, Electricity generation and distribution, Communication, Transportation, Radio and television, Computer applications, Hospital diagnostic equipments, offshore industries and Research and development.

Person getting a degree in electronic and communication engineering has a vast range of available opportunities where he can invest his skill and labour. As a fresher he can be hired as –

Optical Transmission Engineer

Transmission refers to the process of sending and propagating an analogue or digital information signal over a transmission medium. Transmission medium may be wired (through optical fibre) or wireless. Information can be send from one to another point or from one point to multiple points. Role of transmission engineer is to design and develop optical systems. He should be able to plan design activities so as to assure high efficiency of operating systems. He should define and plan optical test systems. Not only this, but he is also responsible for development and documentation of test procedures.

Service Engineer

Job of service engineer is to repair, design or install equipment, tools or products from vast field of technology. They can work in private as well as public sector. Service engineer usually carry their work of installation or repair on site. Site refers to working place of a professional or home where the device is installed. They do not have a specific or fixed location and are called at the place where installation or repair is required.

Electronics And Telecommunication Engineer

Electronics and communication engineer is expected to create and test the electronic circuits which are built for devices. They are also expected to check and analyse the working of devices and systems on which devices run. This is a wide field which ranges from creating a simple circuit design to designing a complex device.

RF (Radio Frequency) Engineer

Person has to deal with designs, construction and maintenances of equipments used for wireless telecommunications. They are expected to create pictorial or diagrammatic representations of devices which are used in telecommunications. Such device includes cell phones and broadcasting devices.  This branch also deals with setting up of new internet connections.

NOC (Network Operation Centre) Engineer

Person has to monitor the progress of the jobs and to check that all service levels and service level agreements are achieved. Person is expected to respond proactively to the problems faced and come with a prompt and efficient solution.

Institutes Offering Degrees In Electronic And Communication Engineering

Indian Institute Of Technology Roorki

It is a research based department where collaboration between research in department and other department is also established. Department offers very good research programmes in every branch of electronic and communication engineering. Well equipped laboratories are also present in the campus.

Birla Institute Of Technology And Science

Institute offers engineering in electronic and communication engineering. It is a semester based course which is duly divided in well planned curriculum. In the third semester students learn about electronic devices and circuits, data structure algorithms and so on. Similarly in forth semester student deals with Analog electronics and random variable & stochastic process.

Indian Institute Of Technology BHU Varanasi

Department offers post graduate as well as undergraduate course. Intake for B TECH is 50 students while that for M TECH is 35 students every year. Basic courses in electronic engineering are also conducted in the department.

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Its undergraduate has largest enrolment at MIT. Approximately 20 % percent of students enrolled at MIT are enrolled in this department.

University Of California San Diego

University offers PhD and MS programs in the field. Students can get enrolled in the course after graduation program. Degree in electrical engineering is offered with the specialization in the fields of communication theory and systems, computer engineering etc.

Stanford University

It offers graduate and PhD programs in the field.


Birla Institute Of Technology And Science

Eiffel Scholarship

In this scholar scrutiny is done by a committee of external affairs ministry, Government of France. After checking, a grant of 1181 Euros is given to the candidate along with the fare to the country of origin.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

In this scholarship candidate is entitled to get 10000 Euros for two consecutive years. Candidates are selected from all over the world.

Alliance Francaise Scholarship

This scholarship is given to the student who wishes to pursue higher studies in France. 15 students are selected and a grant of 615 Euros is awarded to every student.

Regional Scholarship

Students are give scholarship of 7000€ to pursue their education. It is paid in two instalments of 3000€ and 4000€.

Master Ile De France Scholarship

In this scholarship 10500 € are given to study in France for higher education by the embassy of France in India.

Indian Institute Of Technology BHU Varanasi

Institute offers merit based scholarship to 25 % percent of undergraduate students. Reimbursement of mess charges and pocket allowance is also offered to the students. Fellowships are also offered to the students enrolled in PhD.






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