McDonalds Scholarship Program for College, USA

Ronald McDonald Scholarships [RMHC Scholarships] Program for College Students by Ronald McDonald House Charities. Scholarships applications for the 2014 scholarship program will be accepted online starting on October 1, 2013. Application should be submitted till January 21, 2014.

Four kinds of Scholarships are provided by McDonald House Charities: 1. RMHC®/Scholars Program, 2. RMHC®/Asia Scholarship program, 3. RMHC®/African-American Future Achievers Scholarships, 4. RMHC®/HACER® Scholarships

About McDonald House Charities and Scholarships

Since years McDonalds has been the favorite destination for food hunt for millions of people world wide. With its ever increasing brand equity, McDonald is as well fulfilling its responsibilities towards society.

The organization has been providing various scholarships for aspiring college students and thus helping number of students fulfilling their dreams. Apart from this its unique restaurant management curriculum is also been recognized by American council of Education and thus enlightening the career path of number of students in the same field.

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When it came to education assistance, the organization has very well followed the path of “Charity begins at home” through its USA National Employees Scholarship Program. Under this program, talented employees can avail the benefit of the scholarships for continuing education. Every year scholarship of $2,500 is given to the employee pursuing their High School Senior from every state. Apart from this, three more employees are selected nationally on the basis of the dedication towards the education, Society and work and are awarded $ 5,000 and named as Mc Scholars of the Year.

Further, many scholarships are also awarded to High School students from outside through Ronald Mc Donald House Charities and its network. Around $ 37 million as already been awarded under RMHC Scholarships since their inception.

RMHC Scholarships further comprises of four scholarships. However the eligibility criteria differs yet there is a general eligibility requirement that has to be followed i.e. the student must be a high school senior, younger than 21 years old, be a legal US resident and further also must be living in RMHC geographic areas and must be enrolled in an post secondary institution.

The four scholarships covered by Ronald McDonald Charity Houses are

RMHC Scholars-which is a need based scholarship provided to talented students irrespective to their caste, creed and color and nationality.

RMHC/ HASERS are for students having  at least one of the parents of Hispanic or Latino Heritage. The fund provides four such scholarships.

RMHC/ ASIA provide students of Asian Pacific heritage an opportunity to pursue studies.

RMHC/ African American scholarships are for African American citizens.

Application for the scholarships can be made online. The 2013 application process has ended. This year’s applicants will be notified of scholarship award status in May–June, 2013. Scholarships applications for the 2014 scholarship program will be accepted online starting on October 1, 2013. Application should be submitted till January 21, 2014.

These McDonald Scholarships since their inception has helped number of students accomplishing their dreams and continue their education. So, have a bright career with McDonald Scholarships.

For further information about the McDonald Scholarship, please visit the RMHC website. 2014 Applications for the 2014 scholarship program will be accepted online starting on October 1, 2013. Application open until January 21, 2014.

RHMC McDonalds Scholarship can be applied online here.

Wishing you all the best.

Vidhi Johri
International Student Adviser

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