Mobile Website Designing Course

Everybody is rushing to get themselves “Mobile”. The growing mobile web audience has led to new approaches in web design. This course provides with the concepts and skills to use HTML5 effectively to design websites for mobile devices.

Importance of Mobile Website Designing Course

After completing this course successfully, you will have a first class mobile experience with web application. You will gain experience with the tools required to use and build a very great experience in web on mobile devices.  You can apply this course knowledge in your future projects, which you can do on your own.

Why Students Opt For This Course?

Many students are choosing this course because students like you are rushing to get yourself with “Mobile”.  This course will provide you with the skills and concepts to use HTML5 effectively for mobile devices to design websites.  This course covers all the aspects of mobile website designing.  They will teach you from the beginning history to the future of the mobile website design. You can get a practical training with basic to advanced techniques this will help you to get work experience. They will teach you how to design and detect mobile devices so that your website looks good and professional.  Students feel that they will have a bright future for mobile website designers in the industry.


After finishing this course successfully, you will get an opportunity to work as a mobile website designer or you may build a fully functional mobile website on your own.  You get an opportunity to gain knowledge about mobile tools and you will become strong in mobile networking, paint techniques and mobile battery usage patterns build animations for mobile.

Required Qualifications

There is no special qualification required to learn this course.  This course is helpful for experienced front-end web developers, web designers and content producers who have a basic knowledge in desktop and mobile web.  To get success in this course, you should be very comfortable with CSS, JavaScript and HTML and also you should be familiar with creating web applications either for fun or for professional.

International Colleges Offering The Course


Nescot is an award winning college, ranked 3rd in the country for computing and gold medal winners from WorldSkills UK 2013.  They offer education and training opportunities to students of all ages and backgrounds.  They are specialized in mobile website designing course. They offer this course as a part time, day time course with 4.5 hours per week for two weeks and the evening time course with 3 hours per week for three weeks.

Financial Help

NESCOT offers various loans which are really helpful for all students to get out from fees.  They offer:
-19 years and over plan
-24+ Advanced Learning Loan
-Discretionary Learner Support & 24+ Advanced Learning Loan Bursary Funds
-Childcare support care to learn
-Nescots Nursery
-Financial Help for Part-time Higher Education 2014-2015

University of the West of Scotland

University of the West of Scotland’s Web and Mobile Development course equips you with the skills to design, develop and maintain secure and using web services and mobile applications that exploit the capabilities of the internet, giving you the chance to pursue a career as a web/mobile developer or designer.  This is 3 years undergraduate bachelor’s degree.

Scholarships and bursaries

University of the west of Scotland offers several scholarships and incentive schemes.  They are classified into below categories and also given links for details and eligibilities.
-Exclusive Scholarships offered by UWS
-External scholarships (administered by the university)
-External Scholarships (not administered by the University)

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

University of Wisconsin offers web or digital marketing certificate programs.  Managing Web, Mobile Application or Mobile Website Development are the parts of these certificate programs.  Students with background in IT, web, mobile web or mobile application development are the prerequisites of this course.  This university is one of the top research universities in the US, one of the world’s top 500 universities – world class, among the 500 best in the world, and a top rated green college.

Financial Aid

There are a variety of financial aid programs available for you including grants, scholarships, work-study employment and student loan. Financial aid can enhance an ability of students to take their beginning step to become a college graduate.

Harvard Extension School

Harvard Extension School is one of the twelve degree granting schools of Harvard University.  They offer a professional graduate certificate in web technologies.  This certificate is for those individuals who are working currently or working towards the skills like web designer, web developer, mobile developer, web DBA, web analyst.  You can take five courses in this professional graduate certificate

Financial Aid

The student’s financial service staffs of this university can assist and help you to meet your education costs.  Their financial aid is tailored to two categories like admitting candidates and non-admitted students.

University of Bradford

According to the Sunday Times University Guide 2013, this university is the number one in Yorkshire for graduate employment and in the top 20 universities in the UK.   The course covers server and browser technology, network systems and graphic design for various platforms.  They offer this course as a full time bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Financial Aid

This university offers various loans like the tuition fee loan, maintenance loan, student loan, students with disabilities, students with dependents and loans for par-time students.  They also offer scholarship and other financial support for their students.

Santa Clara University

According to US News and World Report, this university is second among all universities in the west in 2011.  They offer bachelors in Web Design and Engineering in graphic arts, communication, mobile web designing and web development.  They enable the graduates to understand the web effects in mobile device and new advanced technology in web designs.

Financial Aid

There are some professionals called financial aid staff who are committed to help you to make the right decision to support your educational cost.  They offer different kinds of financial aids based upon the student’s qualification and education.
-Financial Aid for Undergraduate Students
-Financial Aid for Graduate Students
-Financial Aid for Law Students
-Financial Aid for JST Students

iCAT Design & Media College

This is one of the first colleges in India that offers regular undergraduate programs, postgraduate diplomas and master degree programs in the various streams of design and media.  It is ranked as a No.1 Design and Media college for its collaborations with Indian and international universities.  They offer various programs and courses in mobile website designing and mobile applications.

Financial Aid

They will not offer any specific financial loans or support to students, but they offer some scholarships to students who perform really well in academics.  They offer a scholarship in the name of Mayank’s scholarship and the award prize worth twenty five thousand rupees.

Academy of Art University

This is one of the largest private art and Design University in the nation.  The school of web design & New Media provides students with an education in graphic, print, web, mobile and motion graphic design.  They offer this course as online and bachelor’s degree.  Students will get a practical exposure about mobile application and web designing.

Financial Aid

This university offers different kinds of financial aids such as grants, state aid, federal aids and loans.  The students are asked to choose the loan type and that will agree from advisors if the students are really eligible.

Full Sail University

Mobile devices have become an integral part of how we communicate, do business, and get our news and entertainment.   By keeping this in mind, this university offers a bachelor’s of Science degree in mobile development.   They offer this course on campus and online.

Financial Aid

The Full Sail University Emerging Technology Scholarship is designed to encourage and develop future professionals with a career focus on emerging technologies.

Capella University

With the rapid growth of mobile technologies, opportunities have increased for mobile–application developers. Capella University’s online Bachelor’s in Mobile Development degree program prepares you to design effective solutions for business IT environments. They offer bachelor’s degree in mobile development.

Financial Aid

By enrolling at Capella University now, you can save thousands on your tuition. Capella–sponsored grants are not based on financial need and do not require repayment. Instead, these special grants are available to everyone who enrols now in qualified programs and meets other eligibility requirements. Grants are easy to apply for, and are an excellent way to help pay for your college education.

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