Coursera’s Online Course : An Introduction to Marketing

Marketing is a business of endorsing and selling products or services. It also includes the concepts like advertising and market research. To provide introductory knowledge of marketing, Coursera is coming up with another online course “An Introduction to Marketing” in association with Wharton University of Pennsylvania.

This course is a section of the Wharton foundation series in the MOOC format. The course consists of three core topics which focus on the loyalty of customers. The upper layer deals with the topic of branding. In the section of branding, students will get an opportunity to learn about the importance of brand equity. This will help students in gaining knowledge about how customers are kept induced in using the brands so that they have a trusted source for their needs. The middle layer comprises of customer centricity. Here, students will be taught globally about how to gather needs and focus on the customers. Finally, students will get a chance to practically experience the market and to understand the drivers that influence the customers.

Course Begins

The session will start from April 21, 2014 for the duration of 9 weeks.Marketing

Duration of Course

The course will demand 5-6hours/week for study. The course will be taught in English followed by English subtitles.

Course Field

This course is offered to study introductory marketing.

Course Format
This course comprises of three components of three weeks each that cover the critical fundamentals of marketing. Each section will be led by one of the three instructors. At the end of each module the instructors will get busy in the discussion of each component and there will also be an assessment covering the material. The students will be disclosed to the pragmatic examples of how companies implemented the strategies discussed and what its results were.


No specialization required but elementary knowledge of marketing concepts will be treated as an asset.

Course Syllabus

MODULE ONE: Branding
Weeks 1 – 3

Marketing Strategy and Brand Positioning

Customer Decision Making and the Role of Brand

Brand Communications and Repositioning

MODULE TWO: Customer Centricity
Weeks 4 – 6

Establishing Competitive Advantage through Customer Centricity

How Can Customer Centricity be Profitable?

Vocabulary of Customer Centricity and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

MODULE THREE: Go to Market Strategies
Weeks 7 – 9

Omni-Channel Strategy and Online-Offline Interaction

How to Find Lead Users and Facilitate Influence and Contagion

Social Targeting, Social Advertising and Persuasion

About the Instructor

David Bell

He is specialized in consumer shopping behavior. He is currently focusing on theories and explanations for geographic variation in the performance of Internet retail startups. Other focused projects are traditional retail settings explore unplanned and impulse buying and consumer amortization strategies for fixed shopping costs.

Peter Fader

He is a Professor of Marketing and Co-Director of the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative at University of Pennsylvania. He works with firms from a wide range of industries, such as consumer packaged goods, interactive media, financial services and pharmaceuticals.

Barbara E. Kahn

She is the lecturer of Marketing and Director, Jay H. Baker Retailing Center University of Pennsylvania. While Dean at the University of Miami, she launched new global initiatives and academic programs. She also established the Global Business Forum at the University of Miami which brought over 1000 leading business executives and professionals to the campus.

To apply for the course, kindly follow Coursera’s website.

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