PhD in Germany

The system for obtaining a doctorate degree in Germany is quite different from that of other countries. One can only obtain a doctorate degree in Germany from a university or university status institutions. There is no system of graduate study program at the end of which doctoral thesis will be completed. A supervisor in a doctorate program plays a very vital role as if he/ she helps you to move on with your studies and research work. The topic for the doctoral thesis is being set up by the supervisor. You together with your supervisor can also come up with a topic or you yourself can come up with a clear idea of a project. So, finding a suitable supervisor is very important. You can have information regarding research groups through different ways.
1) Through the internet
2) Have some information from the people of the same discipline and take advice for whom to contact.
3) Can contact to authors, who have written about areas of your interest.
Attracting Attention
These supervisors receive lots of applications from all over the world daily. So to attract their attention is very important. You can attract their attention through the application, which should be properly formulated specifying what you are, reasons for your interest in his/her area of research, your qualifications, research done by you, list of publications if you have. Through your application, make it clear what is new and exciting in your project. Mention the current state of research, objective of the project, ways to reach your goals, time frame required to complete the project and your financial plans carefully.
Regarding PhD
After successfully finding out a supervisor, a committee is formed consisting of members from the faculty who will decide whether you are capable for getting the doctorate. Every department follows their own rules and regulations for the doctoral program. For the doctoral program one has to do registration for his/her doctorate. Along with the registration you have to present a short description of your research project. The faculty selected by you can decide whether the project falls into the area of responsibility or not. For registration, you have to contact the responsible offices and the application forms are available on the net. For admission and enrollment as a doctoral student, you also need an acceptance letter by the supervisor. You will be appointed as a transition student if due to some reasons your registration is not possible at a moment. Generally, the following documents are required:
1) Copies of certificates of your diploma your transcript of records.
2) Curriculum vitae
3) Working title and description of the question of your project.
4) Certificates of your languages abilities if applicable
5) List of academic publications if applicable
The doctoral regulation also state in which language the thesis is suppose to be written. In general one should be master in speaking and writing German language because it helps you a lot during your research work and make you feel like as of your home country.
There are few ways through which you can finance your work.
•Apply for scholarship – you can find out which institutes and universities are providing scholarship through internet
•Apply for positions advertised by the universities with different research fields and that offer the possibility for obtaining a PhD.
•Ask your supervisor to apply for financing your work by institutions like German research foundation or Volkswagen Stiftung.These institutions look out for qualified candidates who are financially backed up by the universities.

Last but not the least a good time management is required to complete your research work on time. So try to identify existing problems on time in order to solve them fast.

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Wishing you success.

Preeti Supyal


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