Top Paying Jobs in USA

Have you ever sat daydreaming about getting a better paid job after finishing school? In the recession, many students are rethinking the traditional path to career success. Only a college degree may not be enough to land a good-paying job. Thanks to the we can tell you where you might find one.

The following top 10 is based on the from the top 100 jobs with the highest median pay. CNNMoney analysed the data and come up with the list.

People may think that subject like geology may not be one of the highest paying majors, but people earn a decent living in geology.

The truth is that its number 5th on highest paying careers require a graduate degree. You may spend few extra years at school but the rewards can be well worth the extra time invested.

But which other occupations make the list? Lets check out.

  1. Neurosurgeon
    Median pay:$368,000
    Top pay:$643,000
  2. Petroleum Engineer
    Median pay: $162,000
    Top pay: $265,000
  3. Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)
    Median pay: $159,000
    Top pay: $205,000
  4. Petroleum Geologist
    Median pay: $149,000
    Top pay: $247,000
  5. Dentist
    Median pay: $147,000
    Top pay: $253,000
  6. Actuary
    Median pay: $136,000
    Top pay: $208,000
  7. Software Architect
    Median pay: $119,000
    Top pay: $162,000
  8. Pharmacist
    Median pay: $114,000
    Top pay: $133,000
  9. Management Consultant
    Median pay: $110,000
    Top pay: $198,000
  10. SAP Basis Administrator
    Median pay: $107,000
    Top pay: $160,000

Source: All pay data from

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