Top Universities Offering Online Learning

In the present scenario of online learning various universities and platforms offer online courses and programs. They offer online education to make it available to worldwide learners anytime. These online courses are boon to adult learners and to students who want to continue their education with their busy schedule.

Importance Of Universities Offering Online Learning

As there are thousands of available online programs, it is hard to decide which is better and authentic. Universities offering online courses understand that learners nowadays are choosing online education for the flexibility and convenience. Accredited university online courses give a sense of satisfaction while choosing a program to the students and also promise for quality education, credit and credentials. Go through some universities below offering better online programs.

University Of Oxford Online Courses

Department of Continuing education at Oxford university offer about 90 courses across a range of disciplines. Courses are planned as weekly online meetings. During that interaction with the course tutor and other students takes place in a virtual learning atmosphere. Short courses are mostly 5-10 weeks long. Credit earned from Oxford’s online short courses is transferable towards award programme, the Certificate of Higher Education. Each online course at Oxford has an introductory “ice breaker” session. This gives applicants a gentle introduction to the online course study environment. EU students will get the fees supplemented by each of the European Union Governments but  non-EU students have to make up the shortfall in the course fees themselves.

Stranford Online

In the present array of online courses Stanford Online also with many of the University’s schools and departments offers online learning. These programs provide a variety of professional education opportunities. The university also make available to you free online courses taught by Stanford faculty to lifelong learners worldwide. Stanford Online is a university-wide initiative coordinated by the Office of the VPTL (Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning).

Online courses at Cambridge

Cambridge University, Institute of Continuing Education offer online courses to study at Cambridge no matter wherever you are in the world. Students can choose from the topics including ancient history, psychology, philosophy, literature, creative writing, forensic science, religious studies and more. Selection can be made from a growing programme of both subject-specific and multi-disciplinary courses anytime. Applicants will get personal feedback from the tutor in the final week and a Certificate of Participation will also be awarded but to participants who have contributed fruitfully to weekly discussions and exercises/assignments for the duration of the course.

Schiller International University Online Programs

Schiller International University gives you an opportunity to earn your online degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate level. Earn your undergraduate degree online in International Business (AS), International Business (BS), International Hospitality and Tourism Management (BS) and International Relations and Diplomacy (BA). Earn your master’s degree online in International Business (MBA), International Hospitality and Tourism Management (MBA), Management of Information Technology (MBA), Business Administration (MBA), International Management (MIM) and Financial Planning (MBA).

Digital Learning At Boston University

Making Online learning available to worldwide students Boston University digital learning programs bring unique experience matchless anywhere. BU continuously receives awards for its online programs which are designed and taught by distinguished University faculty. In 2014 BU was ranked #4 among the 30 best online colleges by BU’s online degree signifies achievement of a high academic standard. Boston University online programs are accredited through the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc., one of six nationally recognized accrediting agencies.

 Harvard Open Courses

At Harvard University’s Harvard Extension students have the opportunity to choose from over 600 on-campus and online courses. Most of the online courses at Harvard feature lecture videos and online course materials. Some of these courses are offered only online. But some courses can be attended on campus, online, or both—depends on preference. Students can also choose any Harvard University MOOC offered via edX and browse free online courses in a variety of subjects.

Curtin University Online Courses

Curtin university is offering online courses from more than 20 years to worldwide students. Curtin university offer great online learning experience. Curtin offers flexibility to the applicants of studying whenever and wherever, whether through Curtin or through Open Universities Australia (Curtin OUA).

Penn State Online Courses

Students can complete their degree programs at their own pace via Penn State online learning. Adult learners now-a-days are earning their degrees online through Penn State World Campus. During the studies students will interact with people from different backgrounds and situations, and provide opportunities to experience many perspectives and concepts. Courses are                                                                                                                                                                  designed keeping in mind the busy schedule of the applicants providing the flexibility to study at the times most convenient to you. Courses are normally 12 to 15 weeks long.

Open Yale Courses

The aim of Yale university’s open Yale courses is to increase access to education for all who wish to learn. Registration is not required. The open courses at Yale offer full range of liberal arts disciplines, including humanities, social sciences, and physical and biological sciences. Course credit can’t be earned via Yale open courses. Each course is compiled with full set of class lectures produced in high-quality videos which include course materials as syllabi, suggested readings, and problem sets.

Athabasca University, Canada’s Open University

Canada’s open university Athabasca University is devoted to the elimination of obstructions that restrict access to and success in university-level study. It also aims to increase equality of educational opportunity for adult learners globally. Around 750 courses are available in diverse subjects which are designed for study in any medium via online, at a distance, or in a classroom. In this way you can continue your learning without sacrificing personal, family, career, or community commitments.

Ivy College Online Learning

Online availability of nationally recognized qualifications is possible at Ivy College. As online student can study from anytime and anywhere so the courses can meet the needs of adult learners too. It offers wonderful opportunity to Australian adult learners. Various programs run online, but flexible quarterly workshops are also offered so students can also get benefited with f face-to-face learning.

Oregon State University Degrees Online

Oregon State University Ecampus online courses are specifically designed for the virtual classroom by experts.  The website of Oregon is designed to share useful information about and developments in the rising area of online learning. Oregon State online bachelor’s programs ranked 5th by U.S. News & World Report.

Deutsch-Uni Online (DUO)

DUO offers language programs. It is an awesome web platform to learn German. DUO German courses are provided on every level of proficiency.  The offered categories and levels of proficiency the courses are Basic Level (basis-deutsch), Intermediate Level (uni-deutsch), Advanced Level (fach-deutsch) and Business Language Courses (profi-deutsch).

Karnataka State Open University Online Programs

Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) popular as online programs provide the skills you need to grow as a professional. These also offer credentials which will be beneficial to get change in the lives of others around you. Karnataka State Open University provides an option to the students to purchase printed study material for their course at minimal cost.

Don Bosco University Global Center for Online & Distance Education

Don Bosco University offers quality degree programs to worldwide students. Don Bosco aims that every student gets equal access to quality education. The Degree Programs at DBU Global are designed for the working professional of the 21st Century.


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