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Web designers and developers perform the basic job of creating, implementing and maintaining sites on the web.  There are often two distinct types of jobs involved in creating website: the web designer and the web developer. Sometimes, one person has the skills necessary to perform both tasks. However, in creating more complex sites, such as those involving interactive features, each job may be the responsibility of a separate person with specialized skills.

A Salaried Web Designer/Developer

There are basically two types of web designers/developers: those who work for a company and those who are self-employed.  Salaried web designers and developers earn from $35,000 to $50000 a year.  Those who are self-employed may earn more or less, depending on the number of websites they work on.  Many web designers and developers work for a business or organization and are on a regular salary to create its official presence on the web.  They work in-house at the business or organization office on a daily basis.

Occupational Outlook

Web design is considered to be an excellent choice of work for young people who like working with computers and the internet.  Some 35 percent of those employed web designers in 2000 were between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-five.  Most of them, or 72 percent, were in their first web design position, according to the industry publication, web week. These figures indicate that clients in need of web designers look for young people who are computer literate, and equipped with required skills they basically learn in high school and/or in college.

Careers And Education In Web Designing

While many web designers are male, there are equal opportunities for women as well. Many companies first considered their web site as a temporary experiment.  Soon they learned the value of their web site as a business and marketing essential.  Since many companies have realized the benefits of having a web site to promote their products and services, more people will be hired in coming years to create these sites.  A college education is not always necessary for a career as a web designer.  Instead, you can get a degree in computer science, which would include web page design.

Or you could study web design at a college specializing in computer education.  High school students can learn web design if they do not plan to go to college.  Many web page designers and even webmasters do not have formal, specific training in how to design web sites.  Some have bachelor’s degrees, or two-year web design certification degrees from technical schools, or just a high school diploma.  The majority taught themselves the basic skills of designing internet sites.

Universities And Colleges Offering Web Design Courses 

DeVry University

Devry University’s college of Media Arts & Technology offers career-oriented degree programs in web and digital design.  This university offers the following degree programs both on campus and online.
-Associate Degree Programs
Web Graphic Design
-Bachelor’s Degree Programs
Multimedia Design and Development
Graphic and Multimedia Design
Graphics and Multimedia Management
Web Design and Development
Web Game Programming

Scholarship– The scholarship is provided to students on the basis of their performance in studies. Meritorious students are preferred. If the students qualify the requirement they are awarded a good amount of scholarship every semester. 

Full Sail University

Full Sail gives real world education by using latest industry and production process, the environment of this university gives students the professional experience in their careers.  They offer bachelor, Master’s, associate programs and certificate programs. They have 37 campus based degrees in entertainment, media and arts.  Web designing program in Full Sail has given the opportunity to students to learn basic and advanced techniques and skills for developing websites.

Scholarship-It offers scholarship to those who apply for scholarship. An eligibility criteria has been set up, those who qualify these criteria can avail the scholarship.

Herzing University

Create your own opportunities in the creative industry with an Associate or Bachelor’s degree in design from Herzing University.   This university aims to prepare each student a skilful, and knowledgeable graphic designer, web designer, art director, game developer.  The programs are:
-Associate Degree in Design Studies and Graphic Design
-Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, Web Design and Game Development.

ScholarshipScholarship is not based on financial need. It is given to students who enrol for the programme and must have completed at least 75% of the programme.

Baker College

At Baker College, you can choose among certificate, bachelor and associate programs in the discipline of design and media.  They are well versed in online education.  Baker college design and media programs include classroom instruction and work experience to prepare their students to shine in their careers.  The programs are:
-Associate Programs
Computer aided design
Computer animation
Digital media design
Digital video production
Interior design
Web development
-Bachelor’s degree
Digital media design
Game software development
Interior design
Web development
-Certificate programs
Web development

ScholarshipThe scholarship is offered to students who are excellent in their academics. Baker College have different criteria for its scholarship. The students are required to fulfil the requirements demanded by the university to attain a scholarship.  

ITT Technical Institute

The ITT Technical Institute offers programs that you really need in the area of design and development.  The school of drafting and design at this institute offers associate and bachelor degree programs in the discipline of design. Media courses they offer are as follows:
-Bachelor in Construction Management
-Associate in Construction Technology
-Associate in Computer Drafting and Design
-Associate in Information Technology – Multimedia

Scholarship ITT Technical Institute grants are for those who qualify the set criterion. The upper limit quantity of federal grant and loan are available for each type of education loan. The student has also the right and ability to select the lender of his or her choice

Rocky Mountain College of Arts & Design

This offers students to enroll in campus-based and online degree programs.  This institute is specialised in animation, game, web design and development areas. There are some undergraduate and graduate programs available in photography, fashion designing, graphic design, animation, art education, interior design.  They also offer a certificate degree in 3D animation and web designing.  Online programs are also available here.

Scholarship– It is given on the basis of cumulative GPA of the student. They are given on the sole judgement of director of admissions

Robert Morris University

This university gives a complete online education through full-time or part-time courses.  This is one of the 25 best online colleges and universities.  You can pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree or a certificate program.  They are specialised in arts and design.  The institute of arts and design offers the following degrees:
-Master’s Degrees
Design & Media Specialization
-Bachelor’s Degrees
Architectural Technology
Graphic Design
-Associate Degrees
Drafting & Design Technology
Graphic Design

ScholarshipRobert Morris University (RMU) offers a variety of institutional scholarships that are   given to students who show promise of high achievement in academics, athletics or other areas.

Penn Foster Career School

Creative students have various options for study through Penn Foster’s creative design program.  The below programs are available for students in the areas like web designing, interior decorating, art and design, event, fashion, floral design and writing. The certificate and diploma programs are:
-Certificate – Undergraduate in Graphic Design
-Career Diploma: Computer Graphic Artist
-Career Diploma: Dressmaking and Design
-Career Diploma: Floral Design
-Career Diploma: Freelance Writer
-Career Diploma: Interior Decorator
-Career Diploma: Web Page Designer

Post University

You have an opportunity to earn Master’s, graduate, bachelor’s, associates degrees and professional certificates online, full-time or distance mode in the design field. The following programs are available in the areas of design.
-Undergraduate Degree in design and technology
-Undergraduate Certificates in Game Design and Animation

Scholarship Post University gives a scholarship of$14000 to its students on the basis of academic achievement. Also there are various scholarships like Honors Scholarships of $12000, Trustee Scholarship of $11000 etc. 

Towson University

Visual and performing arts are liberal arts, like theatre, studio art, graphic design and web design.  They offer a general degree in the visual and performing arts. A Bachelor’s degree in graphic design and web design is familiar with the design industry.

A web designer develops websites and applications.  They work in a company or perform their work individually.  Education in web design and related field is necessary to shine in their career.

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