Brackenridge Research Fellowships at University of Pittsburgh in USA, 2017

This fellowship is named for the founder of the University of Pittsburgh, Hugh Henry Brackenridge. It supports University of Pittsburgh undergraduates who conduct an independent research project, participate in a weekly seminar in which Fellows present and discuss their projects, and attend a series of (almost) weekly faculty lectures. The fellowship awards a stipend of $800; in addition, it requires students to register for 1 credit of research. Please note that if the 1 credit pushes a fellowship winner over 18 credits, with special permission the Fellow may register for this credit in a later term.

Approximately 20-25 awards will be made each term. The student Fellows must be able to attend one of two weekly student seminars. In addition, all of the Fellows are expected to attend the Honors College’s Friday Faculty Lectures, when faculty members will give presentations about their work. (Students who are unable to attend the faculty presentations because of a schedule conflict will not necessarily be eliminated from consideration; they will be offered an alternative way to make up for missing these lectures.)

Projects may be analytic or purely creative. Fellows are selected on the basis of their academic record,the quality of the proposal, the originality and promise of their proposed projects, as well as their aspiration to create and participate in an interdisciplinary community of students in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and applied disciplines.

Eligibility: Full-time, undergraduate students on the Oakland campus who are sponsored by and working with a full-time faculty member during the Fellowship. The fellowship is open students from any field and any class, including freshmen as well as seniors.

How to apply: In consultation with the sponsoring faculty member the student must submit an application according to the Instruction Sheet provided below. Application materials must be received in the University Honors College by the date specified above. The UHC will evaluate the proposals, and all Fall term applicants will be notified of the decisions by Friday, December 2, 2016.

Scholarship Awards: Each successful applicant will be awarded $800 for carrying out the proposed project. The funds are directly credited to the Fellow’s student account as a stipend; therefore, a student must be registered full-time for courses during the term for which the fellowship is awarded.

Application materials required:

  • Brackenridge Fellowship Program Application Form: Type in all requested information, then print out the Application Form (PDF).
  • Instruction Sheet: Print out and follow the detailed Instruction Sheet (PDF).
  • Submit the following four items along with the Application Form:
  • A typed Project Proposal
  • A brief Statement of Interest in the Community
  • An up-to-date Academic Transcript
  • A Letter of Recommendation from your Faculty Mentor
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide all materials mentioned above by the deadline. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Please Remember Application materials are due in the University Honors College (3600 Cathedral of Learning) on or before 5:00 pm on the applicable deadline date specified above. For more information, please contact Dr. Peter Koehler (

Application Deadline: November 14, 2016, for 2017 Spring term awards.

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