Belgium Scholarships

Belgium Scholarships 2018-2019: Various national and international academic institutes and universities offer Belgium Scholarships for higher education programs ranging from undergraduate, master degree, Ph.D. to research level. These excellent financial aid opportunities are available for both local and international students in Belgium and abroad. These grants provide feasible funding options to students to pursue their education further. Students can find here list of Belgium scholarships assisting them in obtaining a desirable program as per their needs.

Doctoral Scholar in Operations Management, Belgium

You will conduct research and work towards a PhD in Applied Economics on the FWO project “Elective surgery planning and scheduling: problems, formulations and algorithms”. This research project is performed in cooperation with Prof. E. Demeulemeester and Prof. B. Cardoen. […]

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PhD. Position in the Department of Pharmaceutics, Belgium

Job description: In biopharmacy and pharmaceutical technology, intensive research is aimed at developing ‘intelligent’ nanoscopic particles that are capable of efficiently delivering drugs to target cells. In the field of gene therapy, special interest goes to nanoparticles containing nucleic acids, […]

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