Germany Scholarships

Many national and international universities and colleges provide Germany scholarships for local and overseas students. Germany is considered one of the lucrative countries for education. Studying in Germany is quite reasonable and affordable for students from all over the world. Most universities and technical colleges are government aided and only little cost is borne by the students. Here is the compact listing that will provide you the information for the availability of Germany Scholarships.

Research Scholarship: Political Philosophy, Germany

Doctoral Scholarship, The Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies, In Philosophy Job Description: The Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies, a K.U.Leuven Centre of Excellence, hosts a 7-year research programme on ‘Global Governance and Democratic Government’ (2010-2017). This research programme […]

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Junior Professorship in Wildlife Management Goettingen, Germany

Job Description: At the Georg-August-University Goettingen 3 junior professorships starting October 1st, 2010, are announced. These will support the Bachelor degree course “Ecosystem Management” of the faculties of Agriculture, Forestry and Forest Ecology and Geoscience and Geography. The candidates will […]

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PhD Positions in Electrophysiology and Data Analysis, Germany

Job Description:The Department of Neurophysiology offers two PhD Positions in electrophysiology and data analysis for PhD students in neurobiology or related subjects. Our research area is focused on neuronal network oscillations and excitation-inhibition-balance in the mammalian hippocampal formation. One PhD […]

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