Graduate Scholarships

Graduate scholarships and grants are provided to students for their further studies. A number of scholarships are awarded to graduate students at world renowned universities. Many organizations and universities offer graduate scholarships and fellowships for international/overseas students. This page consists of both national and international graduate school scholarships based on financial need as well as on merit.

Scholarship in Public Finance 2011 in USA

Part Time-Graduate Scholarship Programme for Students  pursuing   Public Finance for US and Canada  Citizens Study Subject: Public Finance Employer: GFOA Level: Part Time Graduate Scholarship Description:The Government Finance Professional Development Scholarship of $5,000 is available for award in 2011 to one […]

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Government Finance Scholarship For Minorities in Public Finance 2011 in USA

Scholarship Available for Minority Students Intending To Pursue Careers in Public Finance Study Subject: Public Administration, Accounting, Finance, Political Science, Economics,  Business Administration Employer: Siemens Level: Undergraduate or Graduate Student Scholarship Description:The Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship of $5,000 is available […]

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Australia-Korea Foundation Scholarships Programme 2011 in Australia

Australia-Korea Foundation (AKF)  Scholarships For Australian Students Study Subject: Many Employer: Australian Government Level: Graduates Scholarship Description: The Australia-Korea Foundation (AKF) was established by the Australian Government in 1992 to develop contacts and exchanges between the peoples of Australia and […]

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BigSun Scholarship for Athletes-2011

Big sun Athletic Organization Co-sponsored Scholarship for  Athletes- 2011 Study Subject: Any Employer: Big sun Athletic Organization Level: High School Senior Scholarship Description:The Big sun organization is proud to be able to continue to help young athletes succeed in their […]

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Aboriginal Health Careers Bursary 2011, Canada

Aboriginal Health Careers Bursary for First Nations, Inuit, or Métis and Have Been Living in Alberta for the Last Three Years Study Subject: Health Employer: Government of Alberta Level: Undergraduate, Graduate Scholarship Description: Sponsored by- Alberta Health and Wellness and […]

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Indian government scholarships to Malaysians, 2011-2012

The Indian government has offered 20 scholarships to Malaysians Study Subject: Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery ,Siddha Medicine and Sciences , Unani Medicine and Surgery , Homeopathy. Employer: Government of India Level: Graduate Scholarship Description: Kuala Lumpur the Indian Government has […]

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Mercurians’ Pamela Laird Article and Research Awards 2011, USA

Mercurians’ Pamela Laird Article and Research Awards to Support Research in the History of Communication Technologies Study Subject: History of Communication Technologies Employer: School of Media and Public Affairs Level: Graduate, Postgraduate Scholarship Description: The Mercurians are establishing two new […]

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