PhD Scholarships

PhD Scholarships for International Students are available pursuing research in different majors. A PhD program which involves many years in deep research provides much more than learning as it develops expertise and confidence both. Funding for PhD in the form of various PhD scholarships and PhD studentships is available for international and domestic students. Being a scholarship holder a PhD scholar can engage himself / herself undisturbed into the research work for four / five years. These PhD grants are designed to carry out the research work sometimes with stipends and salaries also. Explore the recent doctoral scholarships for PhD students below:

Optical reference methods for metrology in chemistry

Optical reference methods for metrology in chemistry Job Description : Surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) can be used as a highly sensitive and even potential primary ratio method for an amount of substance measurements. The SERS effect provides substantial Raman signal […]

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Optical asphere metrology by multi-sensor techniques

Optical asphere metrology by multi-sensor techniques Job Description : Highly accurate optical form measurement of curved surfaces, such as aspherical mirror surfaces, is an important but still unsolved challenge. The spectrum of surfaces which are of interest for industry and […]

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Humidity standards/sensors

Humidity standards/sensors Job Description : High precision water vapor detection is of utmost importance for many technicalprocesses ranging from semiconductor manufacturing to the treatment andtransport of energetic gases like natural gas or biogas. However it bears quitesome metrological problems due […]

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