Postdoctoral Fellowships

Universities around the world offer many postdoctoral fellowships for students to continue their studies. Postdoctoral research is an academic research carried by students who have completed their doctoral studies. Postdoctoral fellows can retrieve some of the suitable resources in their areas of interest and will help them in building collaborative relations with miscellaneous universities. Following are some links available for students to provide information about available postdoctoral fellowships with their deadlines.

Art History Fellowships 2011–2012, USA

The Metropolitan Museum of Art offers annual resident fellowships in art history to qualified graduate students at the predoctoral level as well as to postdoctoral researchers. Job Description: Projects should relate to the Museum’s collection. The fields of research for […]

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North–South Research Scholarships 2011

Posdoctoral Fellowship for postdoctoral researchers of the Universität Hohenheim, who are interested to conduct research at a research institute in a developing country Job Description: The Food Security Center (FSC) is a university center of excellence in development collaboration at […]

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South – South Research Scholarships 2011

Research Scholarships for visiting postdoctoral researchers from developing countries to conduct research at a national or international research institute in a developing country Job Description: FSC seeks up to three visiting postdoctoral researchers from developing countries for a period of […]

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Postdoctoral Position in Hadron Physics, Italy

Scholarship for those students who have PhD. in Theoretical Physics, Some research experience in Hardon physics and good in english Job Description: The main scientific activities carried out at ECT* concern Nuclear Physics in a broad sense and Related Areas. […]

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Postdoctoral Fellow in logopaedics, Norway

At the Department of Biological and Medical Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, there is a vacant position as postdoctoral fellow in logopaedics (10/7032). Job Description: The postdoctoral position is a temporary position. The term of employment position for this position is […]

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Postdoc/Researcher in Bioethanol Production, Denmark

A Postdoc/Researcher position is available in the Bioenergy Research Group at Technical University of Denmark. The Bioenergy Group at DTU Environment is conducting research and development within bioconversion of organic matter to biofuels and bioenergy. Our activities are organized in […]

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Postdoc Researcher for SYSLAB ICT, Denmark

The Intelligent Energy Systems (IES) is seeking a Researcher to widen the ICT activities in SYSLA at Technical University of Denmark. Job description The Post/Researcher will work in the area of power system communication, infrastructures for systems with demand side […]

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