Postdoctoral Fellowships

Universities around the world offer many postdoctoral fellowships for students to continue their studies. Postdoctoral research is an academic research carried by students who have completed their doctoral studies. Postdoctoral fellows can retrieve some of the suitable resources in their areas of interest and will help them in building collaborative relations with miscellaneous universities. Following are some links available for students to provide information about available postdoctoral fellowships with their deadlines.

Ph.D. fellow in Plant Physiology, Denmark

Job Description: The work of the Ph.D. fellow will consist mainly of duties in connection with research and development within plant physiology focussing on changes in photosynthetic rates and carbon allocations in response to treatments with low doses of the […]

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PhD fellowship in Chromatin & Replication, Denmark

Job Description: The ESR will work within the framework the Marie Curie Initial Training NetworkNucleosome4D, providing state of the art training and networking opportunities.Nucleosome4D involves 14 organizations from different countries carrying outmultidisciplinary collaborative research projects focused on deciphering nucleosomestructure and […]

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Post-Doctoral Fellowship, India

Job Description :Post-Doctoral Research Fellowships are awarded to scholars who have completed a Ph.D. and wish to do research in India. Applicants need not have an academic position. Awards will not be made if it has been greater than five […]

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Barra Postdoctoral Fellowship, USA

Job Description :The McNeil Center will appoint a recent recipient of the PhD as a Postdoctoral Fellow for a two-year term beginning 1 July 2011. The fellow will receive a starting stipend of at least $41,000; health insurance; private office […]

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