Postgraduate Scholarships

Get information on postgraduate scholarships and grants at this section of Postgraduate education can give you an edge in today’s competitive job industry and our scholarships and awards’ information can help most ambitious graduates to accomplish their career objectives. There are a number of financial aids, grants and scholarship programs are listed here for postgraduate students planning to study at home and abroad. Students pursuing postgraduate degrees may find valuable scholarship awards to offset their educational expenses from the links suggested below.

Asian Development Bank – Japan Scholarship Program

ADB- Japan Scholarship Program (JSP) for Well-qualified Citizens of ADB’s Developing Member Countries   Study Subject: Economics, management, science and technology, and other development-related fields Employer: Government of Japan Level: Postgraduate Scholarship Description: The Asian Development Bank (ADB) – Japan […]

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The RIBA Stephen Williams Scholarship in Architecture 2011

RIBA Postgrduate Scholarship  for the students pursuing  Architecture 2011 in UK Study Subject: Architecture Employer:RIBA Level: Postgraduate Scholarship Description:The RIBA Stephen Williams Scholarship, which was established in 2008, is offered in memory of Stephen Williams, a past Director of Aedas|. In […]

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Spinal Cord Injuries and Spinal Cure Australia Scholarship

Full-Time Postgraduate Scholarship in University of  Sydney in Health Sciences in Australia -2011 Study Subject:Health Sciences Employer: University of  Sydney Level:Postgraduate Scholarship Description:A full-time postgraduate scholarship is available for a suitably qualified candidate with an undergraduate degree in exercise science, […]

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Arab-British Chamber of Commerce Postgraduate Programme, UK

Grants  for Postgraduate Programe  for the Applicants of Arab at the King,s college in UK – 2011 Study Subject: Various Employer: King’s College London Level:Postgraduate Scholarship Description:The Foundation’s basic criteria for the consideration of requests from applicants seeking funding support […]

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Postgraduate Santander Scholarships, University of Glasgow, UK

Postgraduate Santander Scholarships for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela, Spain and Portugal citizens, University of Glasgow 2011-2012, UK Study Subject: Many (courses offered by University of Glasgow) Employer: University of Glasgow Level: Postgraduate Scholarship Description: […]

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Beit Trust Scholarships at King’s College London 2011 in UK

Postgraduate Scholarships for the Applicants of  Zimbabwe,  Zambia, Malawi in King’s College London in UK Study Subject: All Subjects areas Employer: King’s College London Level: Postgraduate Scholarship Description:Prospective applicants must hold a degree of class 2.1 Merit or Distinction. -The […]

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British Federation of Women Graduates Awards, UK

2011-Postgraduate Scholarships for Female Applicants of  all  Nationalities  in King’s College London UK Study Subject: All subjects Employer: King’s College London Level: Postgraduate Scholarship Description: To be eligible to apply for a BFWG award you must be: – A female […]

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University of Glasgow Country Scholarships, UK

Postgraduate Scholarships for Applicants from Brazil ,China , India, Indonesia ,Japan ,Jordan ,Kenya ,Pakistan ,Thailand ,USA, University of Glasgow, UK Study Subject: Many(courses offered by University of Glasgow) Employer: University of Glasgow Level: Postgraduate Scholarship Description: The University of Glasgow […]

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