Sweden Scholarships

Many academic organizations are offering Sweden scholarships and awards at both national and international level. Scholarships are open for undergraduates, masters, PhD students and researchers who wish to study either in Sweden or abroad. Both international and Swedish students can avail updated information, degree programmes, application process, due dates regarding Sweden scholarships. You can also view international scholarships, fellowships and bursaries in different specializations. Apply for the best Sweden scholarships from the following links.

PhD Fellowship Opportunity in Sweden

Clinal variation, hybridization and speciation in calopterygid damselflies A PhD-fellowship is available for three years to study the ecology and genetics of a hybrid zone between C. splendens and C. xanthostoma in southern France. The candidate is supposed to spend […]

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Four Post-doctoral positions available in Sweden

Four Post-doctoral positions available in Sweden 1. The role of astrocytes in the pathogenesis of ALS 2. Astrocytes as a neurogenic niche – Wnt-3 signaling and the intermediate filament system of astrocytes 3. Molecular basis of reactive gliosis 4. Nrf-2 […]

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4-year PhD-position in Evolutionary Ecology

A 4-year PhD-position in Evolutionary Ecology is available at the Department of Zoology, Stockholm University, Sweden.  Main supervisor Dr. Karl Gotthard. The subject of the project is “Evolution of developmental plasticity in insects” and last date for applying is May […]

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Uppsala University PhD position Sweden

PhD position at the Department of Information Technology, Division of Computer Systems Design tools for multiprocessor embedded systems. Topics include memory-usage estimation and timing analysis of multi-threaded embedded software on multi-core processors. Future generations of embedded systems will run multi-tasking […]

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Admission to Doctoral Programme 2008 Sweden |

Admission to Doctoral Programme 2008 Are you interested in research in Accounting or Marketing? For the 2008 Doctoral programme we are seeking applicants interested in accounting or marketing. The candidates should have excellent grades and very good skills in oral […]

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Sweden Chalmers University of Technology PhD Position

PhD project The PhD project is financed by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) and there is great freedom in selecting the area for research within the scope outlined above. This will most probably be within Modulation/Coding, Iterative Methods (Turbo), Multiple […]

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Postdoctoral Research Associate Position

Postdoctoral research associateA two year postdoctoral position is available to study the phylogeny of the lower Bilateria at the Department of Invertebrate Zoology, Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, Sweden.Swedish Museum of Natural History (www.nrm.se):We have a strong focus on […]

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