Switzerland Scholarships, 2017

Looking for Switzerland PhD Scholarships! Swiss academic institutions render their PhD aspirants a wide range of international connections, excellent living, and a lively and challenging environment. All these yield good deal of prospects for a rewarding career in educational or industry research. This page assists you in finding the most advance information to get a scholarship for your desired PhD degree. All the recent PhD scholarships in Switzerland are directed towards the pursuit of academic competence

PhD fellowships in evolutionary biology

PhD fellowships in evolutionary biologyThe University of Lausanne (Switzerland) offers PhD fellowships in broadly defined life sciences (starting in autumn 2008 and available for 3-4 years). Several evolutionary biology research groups from the Department of Ecology and Evolution are affiliated […]

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Doctoral Student Position Plant Sciences

We are seeking a highly motivated doctoral student with strong interests inevolutionary biology and mycology. Candidates should have a Diploma orMaster's degree in Biology or Plant Sciences. Significance of hybridization in asexual fungal endophytes of grasses Interspecific hybridization with creation […]

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International PhD programs – Life Sciences

International PhD programs – Life Sciences Life Science Zurich Graduate School The Life Science Zurich Graduate School houses several Ph.D. programsthat cover distinct areas of the life sciences. Each program offersresearch and education opportunities in a stimulating internationalenvironment for ambitious […]

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PhD positions available

PhD positions available ISREC-EPFL / Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research, Epalinges Constam Daniel Regulation and function of TGFß signaling in naive progenitor cells Gönczy Pierre Mechanisms of centrosome duplication in C. elegans and human cells. Hülsken Jörg Stem cells […]

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ETH Zürich PhD position

PhD position in electromagnetic modeling and impedance spectroscopy of cells The goal of this project is the measurement of the dielectric properties of human cells, such as erythrocytes, using microelectrode based single cell impedance measuring techniques and microelectronic technologies. In […]

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EPFL doctoral school program

The Geodetic Engineering Laboratory (http://topo.epfl.ch) is a research group of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. The research objective of the laboratory is to contribute significantly to the development of innovative navigation and positioning systems. Research topics are […]

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PhD Studentships Computer Science

The University of Geneva Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (Computer Science Department) invites applications for two PhD studentships in the field of machine learning and data mining. The successful candidates will participate in EU-funded projects and investigate advanced knowledge discovery issues related […]

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PhD Positions Switzerland in Primatology

Two PhD Positions in Primatology We look for two ambitious, highly motivated applicants for three-year PhD positions to work on a comparative study of the energetic aspects of brain size evolution at the Anthropological Institute and Museum (University of Zürich).In […]

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PhD Position Genetics University of Zurich Switzerland

PhD thesis in experimental or computational evolutionary genetics* A three-year Ph.D. studentship in evolutionary genetics is available in the laboratory of Andreas Wagner at the University of Zurich. Applications will be considered for both computational and experimental projects. The Wagner […]

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