Dutch Govt Fellowships for Short Courses for International Students

Sometime it is difficult to get full scholarship for a degree program. But this does NOT mean that students should stop looking for scholarships.

Short Courses Fellowships are one of the best way to enhance your chance to get full scholarship.  By short courses fellowship students can get international exposure and this can be very useful in their long term career development which may help in getting full degree scholarship later.

Many world class universities offer short courses fellowships and Dutch Govt Fellowships are one of the most popular one.

They offer fellowships in many areas, including Agriculture, forestry and fishery, Architecture and town planning, Business administration and
management, Education and Teacher Training, Engineering, Environmental Science, Fine and applied arts and General programmes.

NFP Short Courses Fellowships

NFP fellowships for short courses can be used for a number of selected courses and are offered by education institutions in the Netherlands. The institutions provide professional training at post-secondary level in several fields of study. The courses lead to a Dutch certificate or a diploma and their duration varies from two weeks to twelve months.

The list of selected short courses can be downloaded below. Please note that this is a provisional list and that information is subject to change. Please regularly check the Nuffic website for the latest information.

Download an overview of short courses (243 kB)

Download the changes in the course list (74 kB)

Fellowship Details

An NFP fellowship is intended to supplement the salary that the fellowship holder should continue to receive (at least partially) during the study period. The allowance is considered to be a contribution towards the cost of living for one person, whether in the Netherlands or in another country. It should be noted that NFP allowances are not sufficient to support family members, either in the home country or in the Netherlands.

The fellowship can cover the costs of tuition fees, visas, travel, insurance and thesis research, as specified in the NFP booklet ‘Rules and regulations for fellowship holders’. Different conditions may apply to e-learning courses or programmes. These conditions are also listed in the Rules and Regulations booklet.

Download the rules and regulations for fellowship holders (187 kB)

Download the addendum of the rules and regulations (113 kB)

Further Scholarship Information and Application Details

  1. Eligibility
  2. Application procedure
  3. Selection procedure
  4. Application deadlines


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