EPSRC PhD Studentship in Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry at University of Liverpool, UK 2012

PhD Studentship in Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Liverpool, UK 2012

Study Subject(s):Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry
Course Level:PhD
Scholarship Provider: EPSRC
Scholarship can be taken at: UK

PhD Studentship in arithmetic algebraic geometry focused on research in motives and Voevodsky’s homotopy theory of schemes over a field.

Scholarship Open for International Students: No

Scholarship Description: The philosophy of motives, originally due to Grothendieck and then developed by Deligne, Manin, Beilinson, Suslin, Voevodsky and many others, gives a unified vision of deep problems in arithmetic and geometry and originates extraordinary methods of their solutions (e.g. the celebrated Bloch-Kato conjecture). The Morel-Voevodsky’s stable homotopy category of motivic symmetric spectra is a type of universal environment, encoding numerous arithmetic/geometric phenomena and amalgamating ideas from various areas in modern mathematics. The research plan aims to investigate the nature of symmetric powers of motivic symmetric spectra towards a categorified version of motivic zeta-functions with applications.

How to Apply: Online

Scholarship Application Deadline: 1 May 2012

Further Scholarship Information and Application

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