Fellowships for Undergraduate Environmental Study

EPA Greater Research Opportunities (GRO) Fellowships for Undergraduate Environmental Study

Applicants must attend a fully accredited U.S. college or university
(located in the U.S. or its territories). Individuals must be citizens
of the United States or its territories or possessions, or be lawfully
admitted to the United States for permanent residence. Resident aliens
must include their green card number in their pre application. You
must have your green card at the time of application to be eligible
for this Fellowship opportunity. EPA may verify this number with the
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service of the Department of Homeland
Security. The GRO Undergraduate Fellowship is intended for students
entering their last two years of study before obtaining a bachelor’s
degree. The term is for 2 academic years (9 months each) with a
required internship during the summer between years. Thus, only
students who will be entering their last two years of college will be
considered eligible. Students must have at least a “B” average
EPA-F2008U-GRO-P1 Natural and Life Sciences
EPA-F2008U-GRO-P2 Environmental Science & Interdisciplinary
EPA-F2008U-GRO-P3 Engineering
EPA-F2008U-GRO-P4 Social Sciences & Decision-making
EPA-F2008U-GRO-Q1 Physical Sciences
EPA-F2008U-GRO-Q2 Mathematics and Computer Science

Solicitation Closing Date: December 11, 2008

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