Hertie School of Governance Postdoctoral Fellowships, Germany

Fellowship program for postdoctoral students in the field of Political Economy, Organization, Management & Leadership

Job Description: The Hertie School of Governance invites applications for two Hertie School of Governance Postdoctoral Fellowships to enable recent Ph.D.´s and doctorates transitioning to junior professorial or full research appointments at the School or elsewhere. The premise of the fellowship is that post-docs would develop a fundable proposal for a research project on a topic of their choice in the two research cluster described below, and in collaboration with Hertie School faculty. Each fellowship is for one year, and carries a stipend of €20.000. Fellowships can be assumed any time between 1 November 2010 and 1 February 2011.

Requirements and Expectations:
• excellent degree in one of the social sciences
• potentially fundable project ideas
• fluency in English, good drafting skills
• participation in research cluster activities, frequent interaction with collaborating faculty
• completion of project proposal by end of fellowship latest
• fellows may decide to work either from their home base or at the Hertie School

Political Economy
The political economy field at the Hertie School considers the interaction of markets and government, both domestically and internationally. Questions that we address include: How much and under what circumstances does international economic integration constrain the policy-making of governments? Do governments compensate voters for greater exposure to the international economy? How is income inequality influenced by domestic institutions and the international economy? How do voters respond to economic shocks that originate abroad? How do institutions – both domestic and international – influence economic policy and international policy coordination? What determines electoral support for the liberalization of international trade and financial flows? Candidates for the political economy postdoc are expected to have sound technical training and to have completed (or expect) a Ph.D. in economics, political science or a closely related field.

Organisation, Management & Leadership
The design and application of new governance structures and mechanisms faces a number of challenges in the specific context, both within public sector organizations, but also in the increasingly relevant context of gover-nance networks and the interplay of public, private, and third sectors. How do new systems such as strategic or performance management interact with existing governance arrangements that operate according to long-established and deeply-embedded practices, institutional logics, and identities? What types of unintended consequences and side effects on factors such as motivation, integrity, or quality can be observed? What kind of public leadership is required to overcome the various constraints limiting the acceptance and use of these new management concepts?

To apply:
Please send your application (including a CV with contact information for up to three academic references; a research paper as a writing sample; and a cover letter of up to 3 pages stating your background, career plans and initial ideas about a fundable project) by 15 October 2010 to Annette Praus at the HR-department, e-mail: [email protected]

Further Fellowship Information and Application

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