How to get ready for the foreign University-Quick Tips

Northwestern University Admissions PhotographyTo secure your place at the institution of your choice, begin gathering information approximately one year before application deadline.   

“It’s never too early to start looking at colleges”

Deadlines for applications vary for different institutions, most should be submitted no later than January. But you can always apply for the spring season.

Finish your GRE/TOEFL classes and exams at least 6 months before the application deadline. It will give you easy time to prepare a full quality application. If unfortunately your score is not good, you will always have time to retake the tests (GRE/TOEFL).  You can easily waste a year if you miss the deadline, so better not to take chance.

Contact the faculty members in the universities, with your GRE/TOEFL score, explaining why you are interested in his/her lab and when you would like to join. Don’t write long winded emails as most people do not have time to read full emails. If they find your cover letter interesting then they will go for your CV. But don’t irritate people with unnecessary information in your CV.  Take it easy, make it like students not like professors.

Don’t get over excited if they ask you to apply for university’s graduate program.  It doesn’t mean that they are indirectly offering a position to you. Its a simple protocol for faculty members to transfer any student to admission office. In any case, your application will have go through the academic committee review. But, you should always mention about the reference email/phone conversations in your application cover letter.Northwestern University Admissions Photography

Arrange all documents in order: If sending printed application, then arrange your documents in line as described in application form. or If submitting online then convert all your documents in to PDF formats. Do not send messy word files.

List can be as follows:

Cover letter
BSc. And MSc. Transcripts
GRE/TOEFL scores
Scholarship forms
Essays or SOP
Letters of recommendation*
Other requests by the employer

*Letter of recommendations should be sealed and signed by your referees if sending by post.

Always read your application carefully or ask someone to read and comment on it. Make sure your application is complete because sending incomplete application will be disastrous. Always make sure that your application is complete.

Use secured postal services where you can track your application and make sure your application is received by admission office.

Now you have applied. What to do now? Simply wait, but don’t stop here, because you never know what is going to happen with your application. Keep applying for new scholarships in your area of interest.

If you get selected for the interview:  Well done, you have done a great job. Now time prepare for the interview.

If Not get selected for interview?

Don’t worry, it happens with every one, you are not alone. Don’t be disappointed, there are thousands of scholarships are announcing every year.  

Check your application again and see what is wrong? Make it better and apply again.

Key is keep applying.

Ferdinand Foch said once “The will to conquer is the first condition of victory.”

Good Luck for your application.

Please feel free to ask and post if you have any questions.

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