Animal Care Internship at Gulf Breeze Zoo, 2012 USA

American Association of Zoo Keepers offers Animal Care Internship at Gulf Breeze Zoo,Florida, 2012 USA

Study Subject(s): Daily husbandry and exhibit maintenance, supervised animal training using operant conditioning techniques, diet preparation, Daily observation with an intense focus on herd/group management.
Course Level:Internship
Internship Provider: American Association of Zoo Keepers
Internship can be taken at: USA

Eligibility:-Minimum 1 year of college with 2.5/4.0 overall gpa
-Proof of current Tetanus and negative TB test required (if working in a primate area) prior to start date
-Required levels of animal care experience vary depending on section placements
-Interns must agree to a 10 consecutive week commitment, At least 3, 8 hour days a week Longer internships are available and highly recommended A $50 fee is required and due upon acceptance to the internship program.

Internship Open for International Students: No

Is this paid internship? No

Internship Description: A $50 fee is required and due upon acceptance to the internship program.Application Deadline isopen until filled.Animal care interns work along side animal care staff in all sections of the zoo. They are responsible for all aspects of care, observation and exhibit maintenance of the animals and exhibits in their assigned sections. Interns will be expected and required to directly interact with a diverse team of animal care staff, interns, volunteers and guests. Gulf Breeze Zoo provides a hands on environment where interns can expect to work hard and as a result, come away with solid career skills. Sections include: Domestics, free range hooved stock, large mammals, primates, reptiles, birds, and exotic hooved stock.

How to Apply: By E-mail

Internship Application Deadline: (Summer Term) : April 1, 2012, (Fall Term) :July 1, 2012, (Winter Term): September 1, 2012, (Spring Term) : January 1, 2013

Further Internship Information and Application

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