Master’s Degree Program on Global E-Policy and E-Government August, 2010 to July, 2011 Seoul, Korea

Job Description : Government of Republic of Korea under Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) has announced the Master’s Programme in the fields of E-Policy and E-Government during the year 2010-2011, for the Employees working in Government Agencies / Organizations in Pakistan. The Korea International Cooperation agency will be the entire travel cost, education cost, basic living cost, etc. The details of the said scholarship scheme are as under:
• To conduct academic research to enhance the understanding of e-policy & e-Government as well as the awareness and knowledge of international and global issue.
• To educate the future leaders in government, business and civic organization who can effectively meet the challenges of the globalizing world.
• To provide professional services to public and private sector organization to facilitate democratic process and market mechanism.
• To share the Korean experience and knowledge with other developing countries, which will enhance their ability to further their expertise in the areas of economic development and quality of life.
Eligibility criteria:
Applicant should:
• Be a government official or employee in public sector or researcher in state institute working in his/her home country with a Bachelor’s degree or high
• Be Nominated by Government
• Have sufficient command of both spoken and written English to take classes conducted entirely in English
• Be in good health both physically and mentally
• Be under 35 years of age
• Have not previously received a scholarship from the Korean Government

Documents required:

The application can also be downloaded under EAD’s website (click further links Information and Services > Foreign Trainings) and

1.      You are required to send two separate application packages in separate file covers.

2.      Completely filled KOICA Application forms

3.      Complete Application forms of GSG of SungKyunkwan University (Including recommendation letter and letter of consent)

4.      Curriculum Vitae

5.      Cover Letter (a personal statement) (if applicable)

6.      Proof of government employment by your employer, without which your application will not be entertained.

7.      Essay (write about below questions as free format)

·        Explain your current job briefly

·        Relating with your job and experience, write a preliminary (potential) master thesis title and subject (theme) on e-policy & e-government.

·        What are the major problems in your country n the field of IT (or e-Government or e-administration) –nationally or relating with your job?

·        What could be your primary study (research question)?

·        How are you going to address those problems? What kind of methodologies could you possible think of?

·        What would be your study (research process)?

·        What would be the possible research findings (results)?

·        What are the policy (practical)/theoretical implication?

·        What would be a concrete action plan (road map) to solve those problems or to enhance your national competitiveness?

8.      Sealed official undergraduate (16 years or equivalent) academic transcripts

9.      Photocopied college diplomas or proof of prospective graduation.

10.   Score reports for either the TOEFL or IELTS test (if applicable)

·        The most recent scores are preferred and must be less then two years from the application deadline.

·        Exception: international student whose native language is English-speaking or who have received BA or MA from an accredited English-         speaking institution.

11.   Certificate of Employment, as mentioned in point number 6.

12.   Two passport-size photographs

13.   Copy of passport

14.   All documents (diplomas, transcripts statements of purpose, recommendation letters etc) must be in English.

15.   Surety bond / undertaking one copy each.

16.   Any document missing from the list of required documents (in particular, Essay), the applicant may have some disadvantages in the

process, Please make them clear to read.

Note: This scheme / training is only for Government Employees, if the applicant does not provide proof of government employment, the application will not be entertained.

Where to Send Application Package:

Send your application package, in two separate file covers as mentioned above, to the address mentioned below, before 21-May- 2010:

Clearly mention on the top of the Envelop: Application for KOICA Scholarship Scheme


Muhammad Tahir,

Section Officer,

Government of Pakistan,

Economic Affairs Division,

C-Block Pak Secretariat,


Further Scholarship Information and Application


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