Master in European and International Journalism

Besides teaching, this sum covers the following:
1. Administrative Expenses
– Cost of preparation, registration and processing of applications
– Administration of the student’s file following acceptance, for the duration of the academic year.
2. Documentation
– Free access to various libraries
– Supply of reading material for seminars
– Free use, (limited), of the Institute’s photocopying machine for research purposes
– Free access to internet and free use of computers for internet research and word processing

3. Accommodation and Travel expenses
Tuition does not include the student’s accommodations and other living expenses in Nice, students have to provide for themselves as far as general living expenses are concerned. However, accommodation expenses are entirely covered during study trips.Trips in the group to the different locations of the programme will be paid by the institute. Only the return trip from the town students reside in to Nice will have to be paid by the students themselves.
I.E.H.E.I. students have – on their own expenses – the right to:
– The French Social Security scheme for students. It covers medical treatment and surgery for students under the age of 28, for the entire academic year, beginning on 1st October.
– Access to university restaurants in Nice.
4. Other services
– Admission to international colloquia organised by the Centre International de Formation Européenne
– Conferences organised specifically for students of the IEHEI

B – Fellowships
A limited number of fellowships can be awarded to particularly qualified candidates who are not able to cover the cost of their studies. The fellowships take the form of a reduced tuition, to 5 200 euros or 3 200 euros.
The fund could be established due to a special contribution from the C.I.F.E., as well as grants from private and public institutions.
Required conditions:
– Fulfill all conditions for admission
– Show a strong commitment to the idea of the program
– Be unable to obtain any other form of financial aid (private or government fellowships, personal income, parents’ help, etc.).
Important ! In order to substantiate their application, candidates must attach the following papers:
– a letter giving detailed information of their personal resources
– all documents which prove that their request for financial assistance is justified.
Tuition for the Master of Advanced European and International Studies is : 7 200 euros.
Application Deadline: 30 June 2010

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