Nursing Scholarship Program The Medical Center of Plano Plano, Texas

The Medical Center of Plano provides opportunities for individuals who wish to pursue a career as a Registered Nurse in the form of financial assistance through our Nursing Scholarship Program.

Scholarships are provided for up to $1500 per semester, with a maximum of 4 semesters covered. For each year or portion of a year that is funded, the recipient agrees to work with Medical Center of Plano for one year of full-time employment after graduation.

To qualify, you must be accepted into a Board of Nursing approved School of Nursing and must be seeking either an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing or be in the last two years of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing program. You must be classified at all times as a full-time student in accordance with school course load requirements. You must maintain a B average or higher to remain eligible for the scholarship. At the completion of each semester, a copy of your grades must be forwarded to Jennifer Morris, Manager of Recruitment & Employment.

To apply, please complete an online application for the Nursing Scholarship through our Career Center. In addition, please provide copies of your transcript and acceptance letter into a Board of Nursing approved School of Nursing, a letter requesting assistance and two personal reference letters. These documents can be attached to your online application, sent via fax to (469) 484-0548, emailed to or mailed to 3901 W. 15th Street, Plano, TX 75075.

Upon receipt of your application, an online questionnaire conducted through the Gallup Organization will be emailed to you to complete.

Applications are accepted throughout the year with a maximum of 10 scholarships awarded per year.

Further Scholarship Information and Application

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