Ph.D position-doctoral grant in Natural Science specialising biology,University of Gothenburg,Sweden

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The Faculty of Science at University of Gothenburg invites applications for a vacant permanent position as Ph.D position – doctoral grant in Natural Science specialising biology,Plant Molecular Biologyat the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences.

They are seeking a highly motivated and enthusiastic student for PhD studies in Plant Molecular Biology, with emphasis in light regulated plant development. The PhD project aims to characterise a group of proteins identified through their interactions with two key regulators, COP1 (an E3 ubiquitin ligase) and the transcription factor HY5. Our genetic analysis have established the genes as positive regulators of light signalling, acting in COP1 and HY5 regulated processes, and suggests that they could act as signal integrators. Our efforts will now focus on functional and biochemical characterization of the COP1 and HY5 interacting proteins. Some of the questions that we will address include how these proteins are regulated by COP1, if and how they are regulated by the photoreceptors, what relationship they have with other factors downstream of the photoreceptors and how they participate in the regulation of photomorphogenesis and of the developmental transition to adult development. The proposed research could both help elucidate the mechanism of light signalling but also further our understanding of how adult development is initiated and regulated in plants. The successful applicant would be involved in some or all of these areas depending upon their inclination and skills.

The major task for the successful applicant will be to conduct their thesis work under supervision. Secondary tasks will be to improve the applicant’s bench and analytical skills and theoretical breadth during their education. Specific tasks associated with the research project include: Genetic analysis, biochemistry, molecular biology, fluorescent microscopy and transient protoplast assays.

The PhD studies are aiming at a PhD in Natural Science specialising in Biology. The PhD position is for a maximum of four years full-time study, three years of thesis work and one year of course work and literature studies. A selection of courses at the Department and the Faculty are available, but international courses can also be selected. The student will be employed on a stipend for the first two years (utbildningsbidrag) followed by a salary position (doktorandtjänst) for the final two years. In most cases, the PhD student will take on 20% teaching of undergraduate courses, enabling to extend the PhD studies to a fifth year. The applicant will be expected to start as soon as possible or after negotiations.

Qualifications The applicants should have a Master or corresponding degree in Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry or a related area. Good communication skills (written and oral) in English are necessary. Specialisation in Biochemistry or Molecular Biology, knowledge on light regula-ted plant developments and skills in molecular laboratory work (e.g. PCR, DNA extraction, gel electrophoresis, biochemistry and western blotting) is an advantage.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Dr Magnus Holm, tel: +46-(0)31-7863299, e-mail: [email protected] or Head of department Dr Göran Wallin, tel +46-(0)31-7862620, e-mail: [email protected]

Applications should have attached attested documents including list of qualifications (CV), copy of examination certificates, a copy of the master thesis (or equivalent), service certificates and other documents deemed important by the applicant. Applicants should also write a short (no longer than 1 A4 page) description explaining why they believe themselves to be suitable for the above position. Include also contact information for two reference persons.

Send the application to the following address:

University of Gothenburg

Ingela Lyck

Dept. of Plant and Environmental Sciences

Box 461

SE-405 30 Gothenburg


The application must be received no later than 22th of June 2010.

Mark the application with Ref. no E 334 2587/10

For further information:

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