PhD Position in Context-Aware Resource Management in Cloud at University of Quebec in Canada

The Department of Automated Manufacturing Engineering  offers PhD Positions in Context-Aware Resource Management in Cloud at University of Quebec in Canada 2012

Study Subject(s):The scholarship is provided to learn Context-Aware Resource Management in Cloud
Course Level:This Scholarship programme is available for PhD level
Scholarship Provider: University of Quebec and Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)
Scholarship can be taken at: Canada

Eligibility:-Strong expertise in distributed systems, virtualization and cloud computing
-Excellent programming skills in Linux environments (Java, Python, scripts)
-Strong background in modeling and pattern recognition/detection is an asset
-Good communication and writing skills

Scholarship Open for International Students: The Scholarship is open for Canadian Students

Scholarship Description: The Synchromedia Lab  at the Ecole de Technologie Superieur (University of Quebec) is seeking for a PhD candidate with a specialty in resource management in cloud.Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by the extremely widespread use of computing and telecommunications services in many sectors of the economy is one of the most challenging research topics in the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) community. A promising trend to increase energy efficiency, and hence reduce GHG footprint, is through cloud computing. Based on virtualization, it reshapes the future of ICT services by enabling several heterogeneous tenants to co-exist and efficiently share the same physical infrastructure.The Green Telco Cloud project, supported by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada and Ericsson, is aimed at developing the first cloud model that supports large-scale Telco applications.The work will be based on OpenGSN, an open-source cloud middleware that empowers the first carbon neutral network of data centers in the world . The PhD thesis will involve virtualization of facility resources, like climate control and power source, modeling automated measurements in cloud, and development of software tools for controlling humidity and temperature. Patterns and models characterizing heating emissions of Telco cloud components and applications will need to be built, as well as contextual relationships between resource requirements and power consumption.

Number of awards offered: Not known

Tenure of award:Not known

Value:Not known

Other Benefits: Not Known

Selection Criteria: The successful candidate will be working at the Synchromedia Lab, renowned by world-class projects in cloud computing, such as PanLab I, PanLab II, HPDMNet, and GreenStar Network. He/she will receive a yearly stipend from the research funds provided by Ericsson, NSERC and MITACS. He/she will also obtain valuable experience through internships at Ericsson Research Center at Montreal, the largest of this multi-corporation’s R&D centres in North America.

Notification:Not Known

How to Apply: The mode of applying is by Post

Scholarship Application Deadline: Contact Employer

Further Scholarship Information and Application

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