PhD Position in Haematology and Leukaemia 2009- Australia

Three (3) year Ph.D position is available at St. Vincent’s Institute (SVI) Melbourne in the Haematology and Leukaemia Unit, under the supervision of Dr David Izon.

Position commences January 2009.

A scholarship of $20,000 tax-free per annum is offered, with a potential for top up funds through an internal competitive application process.

Candidates with both HI and HIIA Honours qualifications, and APRA holders, are encouraged to apply.

The SVI Haematology and Leukaemia Unit is focused on how blood cells mature and how leukaemia disrupts normal blood cell maturation. We study these processes by creating mouse models of leukaemia which mimic human disease. Our major focus is how blood cells develop in the thymus and its relation to leukaemia development. T cell leukaemia cells resemble developing T cell precursors. Consequently, the study of how T cell precursors develop in the thymus will be extremely helpful in elucidating the molecular mechanisms of leukaemogenesis. We are currently analysing a mouse model of T cell leukaemia induced by retroviral overexpression of an Ets transcription factor. Additionally, the laboratory is also actively pursuing a mouse model of myeloid leukaemia induced by retroviral overexpression of a homeobox gene.

An emerging theme in leukaemia is the concept of a leukaemic stem cell (LSC). It is hypothesised that the LSC is the origin of the leukaemic disease and that therapies directed at its eradication will be more successful than previous approaches as it strikes at the potential heart of the leukaemia. We are currently attempting to identify the LSC in both our T cell leukaemia and myeloid leukaemia models.

Requirements of the role :

  1. Tissue culture-sterile maintenance of long term primary cells and cell lines.
  2. Molecular biology-gene cloning.
  3. Flow cytometry-3-4 colour with appropriate compensation expertise.
  4. Extensive animal husbandry.

Please send a detailed CV, academic transcript and a brief cover letter (1 page maximum) explaining why you would want to undertake a Ph.D in the Haematology and Leukaemia Unit to [email protected] Human Resources Manager, SVI, by close of business Friday 12 December 2008.

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