PhD Position in Medical Biosciences: Medical Biochemistry, Sweden

Candidates who have previous experience in molecular biology, biochemistry, and yeast genetics are valued

Study Subject: molecular biology, chemistry, microbiology, biotechnology
Employer: Umeå University
Level: PhD
Scholarship Description: DNA replication: We study how eukaryotic DNA replication is carried out and use S. cerevisiae as a model system. Focus has been on DNA polymerase epsilon and the studies have resulted in evidence that DNA polymerase epsilon participates in the synthesis of the leading strand at the replication fork. The research group is addressing several questions that involve how DNA polymerase epsilon builds new DNA, how DNA polymerase epsilon interacts with other proteins at the replication fork, and how DNA can be replicated with high fidelity. We study biochemical properties of proteins which participate in the processes and use yeast genetics to study the processes in vivo.

The duration of a PhD education is 4 years (48 months). Applicants should have a university education in molecular biology, chemistry, microbiology, biotechnology or equivalent. Previous experience in molecular biology, biochemistry, and yeast genetics are valued. Good social skills, ability to work independently as well as in collaboration with others, and good skills in English language are valued.

General requirements include: (i) 240 ECTS credit points (Swe. högskolepoäng) of higher education studies of which 60 should be on an advanced level (Master level), (ii) equivalent educational merits gained in Sweden or abroad, or (iii) 120 Swedish (old) credit points (Swe. poäng) (corresponding to 180 ECTS credit points) of higher education studies if they were taken before July 1, 2007. The requirements mentioned need to be met at the time of acceptance to doctoral studies, not at the time when your application is submitted.
Scholarship Application Deadline: January 10, 2011
Further Scholarship Information and Application

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