PhD Positions in Chemistry

PhD positions in Chemistry

Job Description : Germany: Research group of Biofunctional and Stimuli-Responsive Materials.

Our research group is a part of the Biointerfaces Programme at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the University of Heidelberg in Germany.

We are looking for highly motivated students majored in chemistry or polymer chemistry. Please send your applications with your CV to [email protected]

In our research group, there are several projects focused on the development of biologically active functional polymer surfaces and materials, “smart” switchable polymer surfaces, and gradient surfaces that we use for fundamental investigations of biological interfaces, for studying cell- and bacteria-surface interactions and for studying biofouling.

The motivation behind our research is: to learn how cells and bacteria interact with surfaces; to develop biocompatible, biomimetic and “smart” materials that can improve performance of existing biomedical or cell culture devices.

Our research is very interdisciplinary and we closely collaborate with biologists and physicists from the KIT and University of Heidelberg.
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Contact address : Dr. Pavel Levkin
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology,
Campus North, Postfach 3640
76021 Karlsruhe

Phone: +49-724782-9175
Fax: +49-7247-82-3354
Keywords : organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, materials science, biointerfaces

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