PhD Scholarship: ‘Plant Sciences and Policy’, Switzerland

Scholarship for those students who are interesting to do their PhD in molecular plant biology, environmental sciences, systematic botany and agronomy, Switzerland

Job Description: Since 2002 the Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center (PSC) offers Ph.D. students a Ph.D. Program in Plant Sciences. The Zurich-Basel Ph.D. Program in Plant Sciences is a joint program of the University of Zurich, ETH Zurich and the University of Basel. If you wish to do your Ph.D. studies in one of the following fields you are welcome to join our program: Molecular Biology, Plant Biotechnology, Plant Developmental Biology, Plant Physiology, Plant Nutrition, Agronomy, Plant Population Biology, Plant Community Biology, Plant Ecology, Ecosystem Research, Global Change Biology.

The program offers excellent training in frontier topics relating to molecular plant biology, environmental sciences, systematic botany and agronomy. The program also provides participants with opportunities to acquire non-scientific knowledge and transferable skills required for a successful career in academia and beyond. All courses are carried out in English.

The PSC Ph.D. Program in Plant Sciences focuses on:

* Providing Ph.D. students with an integrated view of various specialized fields and up-to-date scientific knowledge from new research fronts in the Plant Sciences.
* Providing Ph.D. students with an introduction to diverse conceptual and technical approaches in Plant Sciences research.
* Making the competences and the infrastructure of the three partner Universities accessible to all Ph.D. students who participate in the program.
* Enhancing interdisciplinary research competence of Ph.D. students in the field of Plant Science.
* Equipping Ph.D. students with a range of transferable skills relevant to a future career in academia as well as beyond (e.g. management skills and communication skills)
* Creating courses and research projects based on inter-institutional collaborations, thus encouraging students to work as members of flexible teams.
* Attracting and recruiting particularly well qualified candidates to do their graduate education and research at the PSC.
* Offering all Ph.D. and Master’s courses in English, to meet the needs of the large number of international students enrolled at the three partner universities and to better prepare home students (Swiss) for an international career.

Application deadline: December 1st 2010

Further scholarship information and Application

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