Postgraduate Scholarships for Countries of The caribbean Basin ICETEX


This program offers scholarships for specialization, master and research studies at postgraduate  level to foreign citizens from countries of the Caribbean Basin. Foreigners interested in participating in the scholarships program (fall 2009) must submit the required application documents to the diplomatic mission of their country in Colombia.

If your country has no diplomatic representation in Colombia, the applicaton must be sent through the embassy or consulate of Colombia in your country. It will be then forwarded to the International Office of the Colombian Institute of Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad, Mariano Ospina Pérez – ICETEX in Bogota DC, Colombia.

If your country has no diplomatic mission in Colombia and Colombia has no diplomatic representation in your country, papers can be sent to the Regional Office of the Organization of American States in your country.

The deadline for submitting the documents is:

• If your government has no diplomatic or consular representation in Colombia you must submit your application with the required documents to the representation of Colombia in your country before May 15th, 2009.

• If your country has diplomatic or consular representation in Colombia, you have until May 22, 2009 for your documents to be submitted.

• Before may the 29th 2009, the Diplomatic and Consular Representation of your country in Colombia, must formally submit the application documents to ICETEX (Carrera 3 # 18 -32, 6 Floor, International Office, Building ICETEX in Bogotá DC, Colombia)

No dossier will be accepted if sent incomplete or brought after the date indicated as deadline.  Around the third week of June the results of the selected students will be published on our website.  We will also notify them by email.

Further Scholarship Information and Application Details

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