Pusbindiklatren Bappenas Scholarship 2011, Indonesia

In order to improve institutional capacity planning of the central government and Provincial / District / Town Planners through the improvement of human resources potential, at the Center for Budget Year 2011 Department of Development, Education and Training Planner (Pusbindiklatren), Bappenas provide opportunities for staff planners who work in the Planning Board, Planning Unit Ministry / agency, Bappeda or another name, and planning units in the Office of the Government Technical Province / County / City to obtain the degree Pusbindiklatren Bappenas Year Scholarship in 2011 for the program: (a) S2 of the Interior; (b) Linkage S2, (c) S2 Foreign Affairs, and (d) S3 Domestic

For the selection of the scholarship in 2011 and beyond, Pusbindiklatren Bappenas opportunity to propose candidates through registration throughout the year. 2010 Dimulai with a selection that will be implemented in the year.

For further scholarship details:

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