Samsung Scholarships for Indian Students: News

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In line with its Vision of becoming a Top Electronics Company in the world, and with a belief that investments in future leaders needs to be made consistently, Samsung Electronics has announced a Global Scholarship Program for Indian students. The GSP Program, which provides Indian students with an opportunity to study MS/MBA at prestigious universities in Korea, also provides the selected candidates with an opportunity to work with Samsung Electronics in Korea.

While the MS program for undergraduate Engineering Students provides them a full paid scholarship at the Seoul National University, the MBA Program from Samsung is available at the Sung Kyun Kwan University (SKK). The Company, which plans to select 4 candidates for each of the programs, will provide the selected students a fully paid scholarship, monthly living expenses, an opportunity for summer/winter Internship at Samsung plus employment with Samsung Electronics, South Korea after graduation.

Seoul National University (SNU) is a national research university in Seoul, South Korea. Throughout its 60 year history, SNU has been regarded as the most eminent of all Post Secondary Educational Institutions in Korea. The SKK is a business school newly founded in alliance with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management.

Speaking about the Global Scholarship Program at the Seoul National University, stated Mr. H. B. Lee, President & CEO, Samsung South West Asia HQ, “Our Global Scholarship program at the Seoul National University seeks to cultivate global leaders for research & development in the field of Computer Science, Electronics and Computer Engineering. Based on our confidence in Indian talent, we have made the Samsung GSP program for India the largest amongst all Samsung subsidiaries where it is being made available. We are enhancing the scope of the GSP Program this Year. Based on the availability of candidates meeting with the required criteria, India will be sending 8 candidates against the total GSP allocation of 20 seats this year, across both the programs, states Mr. Lee. The global scholarship program is being run across China, Russia, Brazil and Africa apart from India.

While the GSP Program at the Seoul National University for engineering students, offers them an opportunity to be employed with SEC, Korea for 2 years after graduation, the MBA Program assures the students of 4 years of employment with Samsung Electronics after graduation (1 year in Samsung HQ and next 3 years in Regional HQ of SEC in India).

Candidates interested in taking up the MBA Program should be in the top 10% of their class and need to be completing their B.Com/BBA/BA by May/June 2009. For the GSP at the Seoul National University, the Final year Engineering undergraduates should be completing graduation by April/May 2009 or should be graduates with uptil 2 years of work experience. The candidates for the 2009 GSP program will be finalized by 3rd week of January 2009. The Company is closing the applications by mid December.

While the Company has been running the GSP program at SKK University since the Year 2000 and has sent 14 students so far .The GSP for engineering students was instituted in the Year 2004 and so far 13 students have been supported by Samsung. These students are currently employed with Samsung Electronics in the R & D Divisions across Telecom and Digital Media Division of the Company. Currently, there are over 100 Indian engineers employed at Samsung’s R&D Centre in Korea.

R&D is one of the key thrust areas for Samsung in India as well. Samsung India Software Operations unit (SISO), in Bangalore, is one of Samsung’s 16 global R & D centers and employs around 2400 employees. Samsung’s Delhi R & D Center employs over 700 employees. While SISO is working on major projects for Samsung Electronics in the area of telecom –wireless terminals and infrastructure, networking, SoC (System on Chip), Digital printing and other digital multimedia/application software, SISC is involved in developing software solutions for Samsung global requirements in hi-end TVs (LCDs & Plasma TVs), LCD Monitors and Digital products.

Samsung has in the past year considerably expanded its R & D Manpower .While SISO has grown from 1800 employees to 2400 employees, the Delhi R & D Centre manpower has grown from 450 nos. last year to 700 nos. this year.

(Scholarship News Submitted by Ankita Singh, Student, University of Pittsburgh)

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